February 13, 2017

Unlimited outfits with Le Tote- my latest tote picks!

I’ve posted on Facebook how much I love Le Tote, but I have yet to do an actual blog post on them.  (This is not a sponsored post btw, I just love them!) Le Tote is a clothing rental company with a HUGE selection of clothes and accessories. It is super easy to get started with Le Tote – just log in, create a style & size profile, browse their massive online catalog, and add items into your own personal style closet. You truly can create an unlimited number of outfits by adding a Le Tote subscription to your current wardrobe basics. And creating the style closet is FREE – you can add and delete items for as long as you want without being charged a penny. But if you want to supplement your meager wardrobe for an incredibly affordable price, signing up for a monthly subscription is totally the way to go.

How its works

The basic monthly subscription service includes 2 clothing items and 1 accessory per tote and costs $44. However, there is no maximum to the number of totes you can go through in a month. And, Le Tote starts building your next tote the minute the return label for your last tote is scanned at the post office, so you only wait 2 shipping days between totes! Let’s say you keep each tote for about 5 days, you can receive an average of 8 new clothing items and 4 accessories per month for only $44. That’s less than $5 per item!!

My Le Tote picks for this week


The cropped length and bright, artsy pattern of this dress gives it a very 60’s It Girl vibe. Like “worked at Vogue and was best friends with Andy Warhol” kind of cool. I have three step-kids and the closest I’ve come to anything Warhol is the tomato soup in my pantry, but a girl can rent a dress and dream…


I love sweaters like this! You can pair it with jeans for a day of running errands or glam it up with some black skinny pants and heels. Either way it’s the perfect mix of style and comfort.


I mean, because they are PINK. and Kate Spade. That is all.

Pretty maternity outfits

If there is ever a time when you don’t want to go out and spend money on clothes, it is when you are pregnant. I’ve seen a lot of articles on how to stretch your normal wardrobe with safety pins and elastics so you don’t have to buy (normally expensive) clothing you’ll probably only wear for a few months. Le Tote’s maternity option is the perfect solution for women of any means, but especially those on a budget! The maternity totes start at $54 for 2 clothing items and 1 accessory per tote. I’ve included a few pretty maternity outfit ideas with Le Tote items below:


How chic is this working-girl maternity outfit? Pair it with some flats for running errands or a long day on your feet.


These vegan ‘leather’ leggings are proof that if your normal style is “edgy rocker chic” that doesn’t doesn’t have to change because you are pregnant!


It’s hard to feel glamorous or elegant when you look like you just ate a watermelon, but the stunning simplicity of this off-the-shoulder dress makes for a very sexy-but-classy silhouette.

Each tote is a collaboration!

When the stylists pull items from your online closet or style profile, they always send you a preview of your tote before mailing it out. When you get the preview you either can approve the selected items or switch any of the items out for another item in your closet! I’ve heard other clothing subscription companies have you build a style profile, but what is sent to you is up to the stylists. This makes me nervous and has prevented me from signing up for a clothing subscription service in the past.

Try before you buy!

If you find yourself loving an item in your tote so much you don’t want to return it, don’t worry! Every item in your tote is available for purchase as well, often at a heavy discount off the retail price. Love everything in a tote? The deal actually gets even better! My last tote had a retail value of $158, but was available for purchase for $103. Plus, whenever you purchase an entire tote you get a credit for a free tote in the future (which to me makes the total of the purchased items $44 cheaper!).

Click here to browse Le Tote and start a free, customized style closet.  Bonus alert: If you sign up in the next few weeks you will get $25 off your first tote! 



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