March 22, 2016

Top 5 Frugal & Easy Easter Decor Ideas!

easy easter decorBeing a true girlie girl, I LOVE the traditional color scheme for Easter decor. The baby blues, the chickadee yellows, and of course, the flirty PINKS! As I have mentioned in past posts, being on a strict budget the past few years has prevented me from decorating for holidays other than Christmas. What changed things? The magical world of Pinterest! I found so many cute ideas for Easter decorations and activities, but if I listed ALL of the ones I liked, this post would be about four pages long. No bueno. To keep things simple I created a list of the top 5 frugal and easy Easter decor ideas.

The criteria for my top 5? They not only had to be adorable and/or tres chic, but also innovative. We’ve all seen tulips in a vase of pastel candies (yawnnnn), I wanted ideas that were innovative and modern, but with a shabby chic (or just plain chic) vibe. Finally, they had to be simple to make and consist of inexpensive, easy to find items.  A decor idea is not frugal if one of the $.50 items to create it takes two months and a trip to eight different thrift stores to find!

Top 5 Easter Decor Ideas! 

easy easter decor

How gorgeous are these gold glitter eggs? Glitter makes everything better. Everything. Take a scary, slimy snake and sprinkle him with glitter – et voila, not so scary!  I’m not saying you should try this in real life anytime soon, but trust me. Glitter = better.  I also love the metallic gilded eggs Martha Stewart makes in this easy to follow video.

easy easter decor

To make this gorgeous springtime centerpiece even cheaper, I would skip the Brussels sprouts & floral foam cage (just poke a stick through the foam that can sit on the vase opening). And Walmart has some pretty & affordable fake flowers!

easy easter decor

This centerpiece is super easy to make. You can “speckle” some real or fake Easter eggs, buy one bunch of baby’s breath and grab a loose-woven basket or wire bucket you already have at home. Sooo cheap and easy, just like some of my friends. Totally kidding! I only have one friend like that. She lives in Canada. You don’t know her.

easy easter decor

Love this idea! Just stick Cheetos in clear party bags and tie them with green ribbon or rafia. It doesn’t get easier. Bonus- you get to eat the Cheetos after Easter. Yeeeaaahhhsss.

easy easter decor

I HAD to add this cocktail, even though technically it is not considered by most weirdos people to be decor. But it’s so pretty and colorful. For the fifteen ten three minutes it would last after being made, I would definitely consider it decor…of course, after two more of these beauties, I might consider the dishes in my sink as decor…

Do you have any cheap and clever decor ideas for Easter? Share them in the comments below!



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  1. I must admit that I prefer Easter than Christmas. It’s so much nicer for me and less stressful. Decor ideas you showed are lovely, I will choose something for my house this year:)

  2. Sondra Barker says:

    I really like the arrangements for this holiday. I am in love with the eggs in a basket with floral arrangement.

    • says:

      I did the eggs in the basket idea and it was sooo easy! I already had a wire basket and pastel Easter eggs (plastic but you couldn’t tell!). And baby’s breath is cheap and lasts FOREVER!

  3. I can’t believe we are already into the month of celebrating Easter. Time flies so fast and this decorating tips can be so helpful for the upcoming Holiday.

  4. Girl you’re speaking my language with the cocktail. I can just imagine sipping one while tucking into a bag of cheetos. Easter: sorted.
    Katja xxx

  5. dana vento says:

    that centerpiece is absolutely beautiful!! i love the idea! it’s very unique

  6. Wow it looks so great. I like it very much. The arrangements are beautiful. I will try it myself 🙂

  7. These are some awesome ideas. I really plan to use make the glitter eggs.

  8. Ah I love how creative and artsy these ideas are! I would love to try the cocktail 🙂

  9. katrina gehman says:

    can you come and do my house for Easter? this looks awesome.

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