February 21, 2017

Clever & easy small bathroom organizing ideas!

Do you have a bathroom or powder room that has a pedestal sink that doesn’t offer any storage? Or maybe it’s just a very small under sink cabinet? I have both issues in my home, so I decided to look up some clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas. I say clever because I didn’t want the normal “shelves with baskets of towels” kind of ideas. I wanted organizing solutions that are not only useful but unique, creative, and pretty!

Clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas

Repurposed crate shelves

small bathroom

I love this idea for two reasons! One, recycling or repurposing anything is usually much cheaper than buying something new. Two, the crates offer so much more shelf space than your typical bookshelves. You could also easily paint or whitewash them to match your bathroom decor scheme.

Full-length mirror cabinet
small bathroom

Source: Shabby2Chic

How brilliant is this mirror storage cabinet?? It’s obviously more involved than nailing in a couple of shelves, but the storage payoff is well worth the extra labor. The fact that she was able to create it for only $100 is so impressive. Mirrors are a great way to instantly make any space look bigger, and full-length mirrors double the impact!

“Floating” glass shelves
small bathroom

Source: Stylecaster

Because it is clear, glass shelving creates the optical illusion of taking up less space than shelves made of wood or other opaque material. Stack several of these glass shelves above your toilet or on a side wall above your sinks to create more space seemingly “out of thin air”.

Make a small bathroom LOOK bigger
small bathroom

Source: Home Bunch

You can also use certain design elements to create the look of more space without adding shelves or other storage items. Click here for eight super creative ideas from Life as Mama for making a small bathroom look bigger.

Do you have any unique ideas for making a small bathroom look bigger? Share in the comments below!




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  1. I have 2 small bathrooms and I find them hard to organise and functional. These are great tips.

  2. Love these tips! Would implement the full length mirror cab except I haven’t got any large walls in my bathroom. Womp womp.

  3. Love the idea of class shelving and a full length mirror cabinet – that would definitely come in handy! nice post!

  4. We have an ultra small bathroom and I always feel like everything is a mess. These are great ideas!

    • missfakefancy@gmail.com says:

      I hear your pain sister! No matter how much you clean them, small bathrooms always look cluttered! Which is why I looked these ideas up:)

  5. Such wonderful ideas. I would love to have the full length mirror plus the extra storage…win, win!

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