July 1, 2014

Romper Room…cute rompers make affordable outfits!

While I’ve yet to embrace the jumpsuit trend, mostly because I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me look like a chubby , but fashionable paratrooper, I absolutely adore cute rompers.

Like dresses, rompers make getting dressed in the morning super easy when you are hung-over tired or any time you just don’t feel like picking out a matching outfit. But unlike dresses, rompers allow for a lot more movement, so you can run after your kids, pull weeds in the lawn, and chase a runaway grocery cart on a windy day, all without worrying whether your new Victoria Secret cheekies will be displayed for the world to see. All of which has happened to me. My apologies to our neighbors and the bag boy who pulls in all the carts at our local grocery store…or you’re welcome…lol. NO, seriously, I am sorry.

To qualify for Faking Fancy each of the following rompers is under $50. An entire outfit for under $50 where the top and bottom automatically match? Um, yes please!

Cute rompers under $50
cute romper

I love the embroidered detail on the front of this $31 romper from Last Call. The color would look good on almost any skin tone, but I think it would really pop on a pale redhead!

cute rompers

The lattice on the back of this $20 peach romper from Charlotte Russe will make you turn as many heads whether you are coming or going. I also like these rompers here and here.

cute rompers

I never thought of rompers as being particularly sexy until I saw this $20 romper, which is also from Charlotte Russe.  Holy hot date! The beautiful lace collar and v-shaped cut-out at the chest take this romper from basic to va-va-voom. You could wear it to more conservative or family-friendly events by topping it off with a jean jacket.

cute rompers

This saucy $39 red romper from Gilt would be great on vacation in Mexico or on Taco Tuesday at your house, depending on your budget. Am I the only one who thinks the placement of the fringed ties in the online photo is awkward?

cute rompers

The horizontal striping on this $25 romper from MayKool is super figure flattering, and would make the perfect breezy, warm weather outfit.

The only pain with these outfits is if you want a quick romp with daddy need to go to the bathroom you have to take the entire outfit off, unless you are super talented and can pull the bottom half “aside” without making a mess. Actually, even if you think you are super talented I do not recommend it. Forget I even mentioned it. I am not the Jedi you are looking for…

So what are you waiting for? Jump into one of these one piece wonders and revel in the fact that you bought an entire outfit for less money that most people pay for a meal at Chili’s.




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  1. These rompers are great. I have one I love, but it is long sleeves. I need to get another one for hot days. I also have a one shoulder jump suit for St. Patrick’s Day. I can’t wait!!

    • I actually prefer long sleeve rompers, I feel more “covered up” in them and dressier. I’m sure yours is adorbs.

  2. I’m in love with this post! I have a serious addiction to rompers and jumpsuits. Great selections here! x

  3. Oh my! That black and horizontal rompers are really a must buy! I’m gonna find something like that here in the Philippines. :”)

  4. That white and blue striped romper is calling my name! I love all of the options you mentioned. I am so excited that Spring is coming up so I can start wearing them again. Lol, I agree the only bad part is that they aren’t very bathroom friendly.

    • I totally have to gage my liquid intake in these or I end up scaring little kids from the cursing and frantic banging coming from my stall in the ladies room trying to get it off in time, lol.

  5. I am loving all of your romper selections! I am a huge fan and hope it never goes out of style 🙂 I love the striped romper and that red one! How did I miss that on Gilt? I love shopping on Gilt.

    • Isn’t it the cutest? I love rompers because you can look cute even when too tired (or hungover…I’m not judging:)) to think about an outfit!

  6. I know all too well about cheekies showing to everyone, certainly isn’t on purpose trust me! I have to be really careful of rompers because of this. All of these are so cute though!

  7. I love this! Its like having a personal shopper scouring the web for bargains for me! I absolutely love rompers although i have to be careful as I am tall and they tend to ride up my backside! xx

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