February 16, 2017

Romantic vintage wedding dresses under $200!

According to Pinterest search results, the vintage romance theme is very popular for 2017 weddings.  Both girlie and chic, vintage romance is really never out of style as a wedding theme, which is good, because your wedding is the one area where you should stick to the classics (keep the trends to the dessert table or favors).  The color schemes for a vintage romance wedding are normally pastel in tone and often include a soft metallic shade like rose gold or brushed silver. Vintage romance wedding dresses usually include tulle and/or lace and have a less-structured, more flowy silhouette than the traditional bridal ball gown.

I dug around and found some absolutely stunning wedding dresses with a romantic, vintage feel.  Of course, we would not be staying true to our Faking Fancy mission if we listed dresses that were even near the average price range for a wedding dress in America – so all of my picks are under $200.

Thinking outside the box

wedding dresses

The old saying, “Not everything is what it seems” is a good mindset to have when shopping for an affordable wedding dress. My own wedding dress above is actually a bridesmaid dress from BHLDN. Pink is my favorite color, and my wedding colors were “Blush and Bashful” (an ode to one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias), so a blush pink dress made perfect sense. (Plus I knew as a 44-year-old first-time bride I wasn’t fooling anyone by wearing white. I’m just saying…) Everyone loved my dress and said it fit my personality to a tee. My point is, don’t be afraid to wear a gown that isn’t technically labeled as a “wedding” or “bridal” gown. Like cakes, party favors and decor, adding “wedding” or “bridal” to the label only makes the item twice as expensive.

Wedding Dresses with a Vintage Romance Vibe

wedding dresses

Enchanting is the first word that came to mind when I saw this $150 champagne izidresssale wedding gown.  While I believe izidresssale is an overseas-based company, I read the reviews for this gown and the buyers all seemed very pleased with the quality of the dress they received.


wedding dresses

I also fell in love with this izidresssale wedding dress. The delicate, lacy cap sleeves and ribbon detailing are so pretty! You can order this in champagne (a medium ivory) as well. Izidresssale gowns are great for “real girl” bodies as their sizes go up to 26W, and they have an amazing selection!


wedding dresses

This ivory, lace and tulle dress from ASA Bridal on amazon is just an absolute dream- and the price is an even dreamier $95! Larger chested girls ( a C cup or higher) should probably avoid dresses with a low V neckline like this one. I am far from being a prude, but it seems to me if there is too much flesh popping out (read: boobies)  nobody notices the dress, and that’s the last thing you want with your wedding gown!


wedding dresses

This ethereal tulle wedding dress from Ikerenwedding through amazon is just $129.00. I did a little research on the company- this particular dress has a three-star rating and overall good customer reviews. Some customers said despite giving exact measurements they had to have it altered, but at $129.00 you can afford alterations and still come in around $200.00.


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This dreamy, lace-tiered Alice & Olivia dress from The RealReal is only $195.00. The photo above does not do it justice at all, I’ve seen it in person and it’s soo romantic and ethereal. If you find your dream dress on The RealReal, but don’t see it in your size don’t panic right away. The RealReal is a designer consignment store, which means inventory changes constantly. I would check back for a few weeks to see if the dress comes in in your size. Or, if you find a dress that is already sold like this one, you can add that exact dress to a personal waitlist & get notified if it comes in again.


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I would take this romantic white spaghetti strap lace peplum wedding dress from BeigeVintage Co. on Etsy and dye it cream or ivory to make it more “vintagey”.  I’ve read you can “antique” white clothing items by soaking them in tea. You can also use taupe colored Rit Dye. Even if you had to pay around $100 to have the dress professionally dyed by a dry cleaner or costume designer, the purchase price of the dress is a mere $80.50. That’s eighty dollars and fifty cents!!! So your total cost for this amazing gown should still be under $200.

About buying online

If you plan on buying your wedding dress from an online establishment (versus a brick and mortar store) be sure to do some research on the reputation and service of the company. Always check customer reviews on product quality, shipping times and customer service. If there are no reviews on the actual dress, as is sometimes the case on amazon, Google the company to see if they have a working website or reviews on their products elsewhere. Also, be sure to confirm that there is a working customer service hotline or email, in case you do have any issues.

Buying or Renting a Used Wedding Dress

Some girls may cringe at the thought of wearing a used wedding dress. But as a serious thrifter, I can tell you a wedding dress is one of best used-clothing purchases you can make. I mean, this is one of the rare occasions that you can almost guarantee the item was only worn once! And if for some unfortunate reason it wasn’t worn at all, don’t worry about bad mojo, the previous owner’s past does not transfer with the item.  Once you step into that dress, you create a whole new magical story for your dress! Places to find used wedding dresses for sale include PreOwnedWeddingDressesOnceWed, and Tradesy.


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The intricate floral lace and delicate beading detail on this Badgley Mischka dress would make a perfect bridal gown for a lux-romance wedding.  This heavenly gown retails at around a thousand dollars, but you can rent it for only $80 from renttherunway! The normal time period for a RTR rental is four days, but eight-day rentals are also available. Side note: RTR always sends your dress in two sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

Weddings do not have to cost a fortune! You simply have to get creative and look beyond the traditional resources. For more ways to save on your  wedding and reception, check out my posts here and here.



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  1. Beautiful vintage wedding dress. Soft color, pretty designs, and they all look elegant. The tulle wedding dress from ASA Bridal is pretty much my favourite.

  2. Ah… you can never go wrong with Vintage. It’s a timeless piece and it will never ever go out of style. I also agree with being adventurous about what you’re going to wear to your wedding. It doesn’t have to be a bridal gown, it can be a gown and it may even look better! I loved that wedding photo of you!

  3. I cannot believe how beautiful yet affordable these dresses are! I remember when I was 17 and in love for the first time and kept saying I’d buy a vintage wedding dress of eBay for £50 haha. I reckon I could stretch to £200 if I needed to now haha! x

  4. Love the vintage looks here! I was a bit skeptical when you said under $200 but you found some real stunners here. Especially love the ASA Bridal gown you found on Amazon! (And love the one you chose for yourself as well. You looked fabulous on your special day!)

  5. Jeanine says:

    So many gorgeous options. I want to do a vow renewal at some point. i never did get to do the whole wedding dress thing and would love to. I love all of these.

  6. Vintage is so popular – mainly because its timeless and so ultra feminine! I love your finds for under $200! That “The Real Real” has always been on my radar – seems like a smart place to find the best deals!

  7. These dresses are stunning. No one would believe they are so affordable because they look like high end designer dresses.

  8. I love the romantic and vintage feel of each of these dresses. They are so timeless, not to mention an incredible deal.

  9. These dresses are gorgeous! Our wedding was 11 years ago and although there’s not much I wouldn’t change about the special day, I still love my dress as much today as I did the day I decided it was “the one”!

  10. All those dresses are so beautiful! I spent so much on my wedding dress and really wish I had known about some of these resources.

  11. Brittany says:

    Ahh they’re all so cute! I love the tiny strapped one the most I think. I would love to renew my vows and get one of these!

  12. I love this vintage romantic vibe for weddings. It’s very sweet and maintains the sanctity of the occasion.

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