February 14, 2017

Pretty Valentine’s DIY Decor for pennies!

I went to unpack my Valentine’s Day decor and realized that, because it is the traditional red and pink, it didn’t quite match the color scheme of our kitchen and dining room. (Insert gasp and look of horror here!) I knew I needed to come up with a clever DIY decor solution for two reasons. One- finding Valentine’s Day decor in an aqua/blue color scheme was going to be impossible. And two- I didn’t want to spend the money on more Valentine’s Day decor, especially since I only have it up for a few days anyway.

So I hiked on down to my craft area and found some (as sheer coincidence) pale aqua, lime green and light blue scrapbooking paper I had leftover from a wedding I staged last year. I also grabbed some glue and my scallop-edged scissors. Not finding any string or twine in the craft room, I headed to the laundry room and took some white thread out of my sewing kit. My final stop was my dining room table where I eyed my supplies and started brainstorming Valentine’s DIY decor ideas.

DIY Decor for pennies

diy decor

I looked up from my dining table and it hit me! Nothing is prettier or has more impact than hanging chandelier decor. For Xmas, I hung leftover metallic ornaments from my dining room chandelier and they had such a lovely and dramatic effect! My supplies not so neatly in place, I began cutting hearts out of the scrapbooking paper with the scalloped scissors. I have zig-zag-edged scissors also, both of my special-edged scissors work really well to create a more finished look when cutting out paper crafts. Once I had about 30 hearts (and a cramped hand) I got down to business in making the heart garland. I set a heart on a 12 to 15 inch piece of string and glued another heart on top. I repeated this process down each piece of string and then tied the hanging garlands to the chandelier. The whole process took me less than an hour and the result is so pretty!

diy decor

The cost of this craft was free because I already had all of the supplies on hand, but even if you don’t have the right color scrapbooking paper you can still get 4 sheets (the amount I used) for about $.25- .50 each. You also don’t have to use scalloped scissors for this. Most people have scissors, thread, and glue at home already, which is what makes this craft extremely cheap and perfect for a last minute decor craft!

Is your house lacking pretty Valentines’s Day decor? Try this simple and fun DIY decor project above!





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