June 7, 2017

The patriotic outfit you can wear all summer!

I totally get the 4th of July themed tops and accessories for kids, and maybe even teens. But I have a hard time buying clothing that you can only wear once or twice per year. Not to mention, every time I see holiday themed garments I am reminded of my grandma (and now my mom) who, like most people over sixty, have at least three Christmas-themed sweaters that they did NOT buy in irony at GoodWill for an “Ugly Sweater” party.  I need a patriotic outfit I can not only wear for Memorial Day and the 4th of July but all summer long.

I figured out the perfect outfit combination for any patriotic celebration a few years ago, and the beauty of it is that you can also wear the same outfit all summer without looking like a walking American Flag. Or your grandma.

The perfect patriotic outfit you can wear all summer

patriotic outfit

Item details clockwise from top right: Dolce Vita Sleeveless Lace Back Top $52, Max Studio Ruffled Off Shoulder Blouse $37, Rosegal Scalloped Crochet Blouse $17, Joan Vass Split Neck Blouse $44, Lattice Bar Inset Crepe Tank $20, Rosegal Lace Trim Off Shoulder Blouse $17.

So you can probably tell by the image above the formula is this: white top + jean shorts + red bandana. Easy peasy. Even if you don’t have long hair you can wear a bandana, either on your head, or tied around a straw hat. You can also use a cheap red ribbon as a belt if you are truly anti hair accessory. The beauty of this formula is that you look patriotic on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, but no one is going to look sideways at you if you wear it any other day during the summer, especially if you wear a different colored bandana or change out the bandana for another accessory like a cute fedora or dangly tribal earrings. I’m so sure you can get amazing mileage (read: cost per wear) out of this outfit I went over my $50 limit (by $2) on one of my suggested picks above!

You can get a cheap bandana almost anywhere, but I got mine from Walmart. As for cute jean shorts, if you don’t already own a pair I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

Cute jean shorts to complete your patriotic outfit

patriotic outfit

Item details from left to right: Jennifer Lopez Cuffed Boyfriend Short $33, Gap Factory Destructed Denim Short $17, Juicy Couture Bermuda Jean Short $33.

I love outfits that are cute and mom appropriate, and I love outfits that you can get a ton of wear out of, and this patriotic outfit formula is the perfect combo of both!



P.S. Rosegal has a sale on right now with $5-$15 off your purchase AND free shipping!

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