March 17, 2017

Easy Irish Beer Cheese Soup- tutorial included!

beer cheese soup

This is not only one of the easiest meals to make for St. Patrick’s Day, it is also one of the most delicious! While corn beef and cabbage is a meal reserved for only St. Patrick’s Day in most American households, beer cheese soup is a quick and easy meal for any day of the week, any time of the year. This easy beer cheese soup recipe is made even easier with the tutorial video below from Man Cave Munchies.

Easy Beer Cheese Soup Recipe

I chose this video over several others because Mr.  Man Cave gives the ingredient measurements in addition to easy-to-follow instructions (some videos actually skipped the measurements!). Also, some cooking tutorials out there have really detailed instructions but they are waaay to long. This video shows every step of the soup-making process and still keeps the video length to under four minutes!

Beer Cheese Soup Bread Bowl

Bread bowls are great for rich, creamy soups like clam chowder, lobster bisque, and broccoli cheddar. This video tutorial from PopSugar shows how to quickly and easily make bread bowls for soups or dips!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!







March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day ideas for food, fun, decor and more!

St. Patrick’s Day used to be one of those holidays I did not pay much attention to. I mean, I dressed in some green to avoid getting goosed at school by a perverted boy, and then later in life by a perverted co-worker, but I wasn’t much for decorating or seeking out green-colored food or decor. Then I married a man who is part Irish, and my whole paradigm on St. Patrick’s Day changed. Now I need to represent yo! But you know me, my darling Faking Fancy readers, I don’t just throw out some green M&M’s and call it a day. Nooo sir. I have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a fancy way! But I needed  St. Patrick’s Day ideas for clothing, food, drinks and decor that was cheap and easy, like my cousin Cheryl…(Just kidding, she’s married now. And what happens in Lake Havasu…)

Cute, affordable St. Patrick’s Day outfits

First things first I’m a realist..(my blog’s fight song!) and I know that NO ONE looks good in head-to-toe green. I’m also not big on buying holiday-themed” clothing you can only wear one day of the year. Using the pieces below for inspiration, you can get all gussied up for St. Patty’s in style, without purchasing specific St. Patrick’s themed wear.

We all know the St. Patrick’s Day clothing rule, as long as you are wearing something green you are good. I love this outfit inspo collage above from Shoes & Tricks on Tumbler. Her site asked me for a password so I couldn’t get to the sources for each piece. But I found this super cute long sleeve blouse and this flirty cap sleeve blouse, both green and both only $11! If you aren’t going to wear it often try your local Goodwill or consignment store for green clothing that is even more affordable.

st patrick's day

This outfit from Polyvore is St. Patty’s Day perfection to me, minus the Tom’s. I hate those shoes. I’ve got some gray slip-on Vans I’d pair with it instead. Brown riding boots or white espadrilles would look super cute too, depending on your local weather.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Beauty

Last year I took some green-colored hair powder my stepdaughter had and threw a streak in my under layers. It looked cool, yet totally mom-appropriate. (You can see it in my profile pic on Facebook this month!) If you don’t have green eyeshadow or nail polish on hand don’t sweat, cheap versions of each are found at the Dollar Store or even at Walgreens. If you are doing a green eye keep the rest of your face neutral, no matter how many people tell you a red lip is totally Irish. Unless you are twenty-three and dancing at the Irish festival, it’s just tooo much.

st patrick's day

How great is this Irish flag eye look? If you have hooded eyes like me the look is even more subtle and only shows when you blink or look down. The link went to t-shirt shop, but the look doesn’t really require a tutorial.

st patrick's day

I also loved this subtle St. Patrick’s eye from iheartmakeupart at  This look is pretty and versatile enough to wear out on a non-holiday as well!

st. patrick's day

With the nail art pens they have on the market now it’s possible to create all kinds of cool and creative nail looks, but I usually don’t have the time for anything too intricate. The fun and sparkly green & gold mani above is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and doesn’t get any easier!

Quick and Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Food

I’ve never been a fan of the cabbage and corned beef dinner that is the normal dinner fare for most St. Patrick’s celebrations. But I found a few ideas and recipes for meals and snacks that are delicious AND use the same elements found in more traditional St. Patrick’s Day meals.

st patrick's day

Who doesn’t love sliders? These genius little sandwiches from look totally amazing, and, if you use potato rolls as the buns, they could not be more Irish!

This recipe for corned beef Reubens caught my eye for two reasons. One, I love Reuben sandwiches! And two, these are made in a crock-pot so you don’t have to slave over a hot stove all day.  An added bonus is the house will smell sooo good all day long!

st patrick's day

Dessert doesn’t get any easier than this scrumptious puppy chow! Just set some plastic cups and a scoop next a big bowl of it and let people scoop their own chow. Less mess and only one bowl to wash!

st patrick's day

Unless you want to hike it on down to McDonald’s sometime after dinner, making your own shamrock shakes is a MUST for St. Patrick’s Day dessert! Add some Irish cream to a separate pitcher for the grown-ups!

Fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day decor

I’m still not big on decorating for a holiday that is celebrated for only one day (versus Christmas, Halloween, and Easter). But I’ll frame some cute free printables like these ones and throw out some easy DIY decor with items. Most of the decor below can be made last minute and with items you probably already have around the house!

st patrick's day

Irish decor doesn’t get any cuter than these beer mug centerpieces filled with gold water gems and mint carnations! Carnations are super cheap and you probably already have the mugs, so the only investment is the water gems which can be found at any at amazon, any craft store and even Walmart.

st. patrick's day

The beauty of pillar vases and candles is you can use a huge variety of cheap items to fit the St. Patrick’s Day theme. The vase filler above is just dried peas, but you could also use green candy or beads. I once filled a couple of vases with coins from our vacation jar and added green candles. You could also grab a bunch of small pebbles from your neighbor’s xeriscaped lawn (shhh) and spray paint them gold. Add some green Dollar Store candles, et voila!!

St. Patrick’s Family Activities

st patrick's day

The Leprechaun toilet visit above is totally happening at my house! My kids are all teenagers but they will still find it hilarious. Check out for 22 other fun and easy ideas for kid-friendly activities.

st patrick's day

Yep. Again this leprechaun beard game is definitely happening at our house. I don’t care HOW messy it gets. And knowing my stepsons, whip cream is guaranteed to get everywhere. But laughing until my stomach hurts and the resulting photo opportunities will make it well worth the mess!

I hope these fun, easy and affordable ideas help to make your St. Patrick’s Day the best ever!



February 27, 2017

Quick and easy stress relief for busy moms!

stress relieving
Did you know that stress can be a major factor in women who suffer from adrenal fatigue, insulin resistance, and sudden weight gain? Recently, my doctor suggested I try to reduce stress in order to better regulate my hormones and help me lose weight. But reducing stress is one of those things that are much easier said than done.  To me, trying to fit stress-busting solutions into my already jam-packed schedule only seemed to add to my stress.  When you don’t have time for a nightly bubble bath or the money for a monthly massage, what’s a girl to do? I set about to find some easy stress relief for busy moms. It needed to be super simple and completed in under ten minutes a day.

Five actions for quick and easy stress relief!

I interviewed a few holistic practitioners and family therapists in my area and compiled a list of five quick and easy stress busters.  Each of the actions below has a proven record of success with my experts, are extremely affordable or free, and only take 5-10 minutes to complete. The perfect stress solutions for busy moms, or busy women in general!

Four-Minute Calming Yoga Routine: This Youtube video from The Yoga Solution with Tara Styles is only four minutes and nine seconds! It’s great to do in the evening before bed; it helps me to unwind and let go of any stressful energy acquired that day. I also love to do this six-minute Clear Your Mind routine in the morning after the kids leave for school. It really helps to “reset” my brain and de-stress from the hectic morning!

Ashwagandha: Having been a Deepak Chopra follower for years, I have heard a lot about Ashwagandha and its ability to help alleviate stress and fatigue. Chopra sells an Ashwagandha supplement, but I prefer Shaklee’s Stress Relief Complex* because it also contains L-theanine and L-tyrosine, both very beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. I normally take one pill a day. If I am facing a stressful event, like a large social group setting or a plane ride, I pop two. To me, it’s like an all natural Xanax!

Five-Minute Meditation: This quick and easy meditation is more of a breathing exercise, which is perfect for me as most days I cannot seem to shut off my thoughts for all the money in the world. This meditation is different than most because you are focusing more on your breathing instead quieting your mind. You don’t need a special mat or even a designated space. This easy meditation exercise can be done anywhere, even sitting in your car while waiting in the insanely chaotic pick-up line at your kids’ school…especially then…

Squeeze Some Glitter Goo: There is a reason stress balls have been so insanely popular in the corporate world for decades. It’s small, convenient, and works like a charm! In the same vein as a stress ball, but much prettier, I made some pink glitter goo and filled a few plastic Easter eggs with it. I keep one in my purse, one in my desk drawer, and one in my nightstand. It’s a very quick and easy way to release extra tension. The best part is you can customize the goo in your favorite color, and even include tiny jewelry beads, sequins or glitter inside- whatever makes you happy!

Aromatherapy: This is the quickest stress reliever I know! Simply unscrew the bottle lid, lift it to your nose and breathe in for about ten seconds…ahhhh.. You can also dab a couple drops of oil on your pulse points or put a few drops in a diffuser for more lasting relief. Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot are three popular calming scents. I put Lavender in a diffuser next to my bed every night. I also love this USB port diffuser* from Young Living – I fill it with YL Stress Away oil* and stick it in my computer where it releases a little calming mist every 60 seconds for as long as I have it plugged in.

I hope my favorite stress relievers above can also provide easy relief for busy moms, or any woman who is stressed out and needs a quick and simple solution!




*Disclaimer: To be fully transparent I am a distributor for both Young Living and Shaklee, but only for the distributor discount on my own orders- I am promoting Stress Relief supplement and Stress Away oil because they work for me, and if you order either product from another distributor I will NOT be offended!

February 24, 2017

How to have an awesome last-minute Oscar Party!

oscar partyThink it would be fun to have a few friends over for an Oscar party, but you are afraid it’s too late to purchase and/or create everything a glam party like this entails? Fear not my Faking Fancy readers, I’ve got some amazing and affordable ideas for food, decor, AND entertainment that will make your last-minute Oscar shingdig a BLAST. No online ordering and praying your expensively expedited shipment arrives on time; all of my ideas can be purchased at your local drugstore or retail chain store, like Walmart and Party City and Walgreens. Trust a true party planning guru (me!), the only ingredients you’ll ever need for a fab fiesta is yummy food and fun activities. So read this post, follow my ideas and instructions, and get ready to have an awesome last-minute Oscar party!!

Last-Minute Oscar Party Decor

You only have to have two items that are specific to a”Hollywood” or “movie” theme in your overall party decor, the rest of your decor just has to be gold and black or red, gold and black, to fit the traditional “Oscars” color scheme. Buying most of your decor in a non-specific theme allows for leftover items, like cups, plates, napkins, and balloons to be used at a future party, stretching out your cost-per-item and overall party decor budget. The two specific items are an Oscar trophy or cut-out, and a director’s clapboard.

For the director’s clapboard head on down to your local Party City where it is a mere $3. This item is imperative for a fun activity later in the party!  Then hit up Walmart for a small helium tank, two bags of 25 balloons (one black and one metallic gold),  gold curling ribbon, gold napkins and soda cups, and clear plastic champagne flutes. Party City has most of that as well, but it’s much cheaper at Walmart.

As you can see above, the balloons make the decor! Fifty balloons floating on the ceiling with the pretty curled gold ribbon hanging from them turn any normal living room into a glamorous party area! Make sure the ribbon curls are short enough that they don’t block anyone’s view of the TV!

These Oscar party printables are great to place on the tables and tape on the walls around your party area. These 2016 Oscar party printables are cute too, just don’t print the ones that say 2016. If you don’t have a home printer,  you might have to send some of these items to your local Staples or print shop, but be sure to ask around with friends and neighbors before paying to have these items printed, as most people have a color printer at home these days.

Oddly enough, I did not see an Oscar trophy or something similar at Party City, but Walmart has one for about $10. Can’t find a trophy at as nearby store? Click here or here for an easy DIY version.

Last-minute Oscar party food

Of course you need movie theater popcorn and candy! If you are lucky enough to have a home theater popcorn machine, great! If not, you can also just microwave, air pop or buy your popcorn premade at a local popcorn store. Whatever you do, make sure it is nice & buttery, just like you’d get at the movies! The Dollar Store usually has cute little plastic popcorn buckets. If you can’t find any of the reusable plastic ones the paper popcorn bags are cute too.

Hot dogs are also a popular item at movie theaters. Not only does everyone love hot dogs, but they are also they are easy and cheap to make! Heat up the hot dogs and buns about a half-hour before the party, then wrap them in foil and keep them in your oven on warm until guests arrive. Serve your dogs in these cute paper trays just like you get at the theater! (They are also less likely to roll off a plate onto your carpet!)

Theater sodas come in paper cups with plastic lids, but as far as I could tell you have to order those online, and that would take too long, so just serve your sodas in gold party cups. Be sure to get gold sanding sugar when you buy your food items. Use it to rim your plastic champagne glasses for instant glam! Actual champagne can be kind of expensive, so sparkling wine is fine.

Our local Walgreens always has boxes of popular movie theater candy at 4 for $4, so I would grab an assortment (two boxes per guest). If you don’t have this option, Walmart has great prices on candy as well. Don’t forget the tub of Red Vines! The 4lb tubs are available at Walmart, Target and even most office supply stores like Staples.

Want a little fancier dessert without more fuss? Buy a can of edible gold glitter spray paint (it does exist!!) and paint a bunch of Oreos gold, then stack them on a cake plate for an easy but super-glam dessert!

Fun Oscar Party activities

The Oscars can be a bit long if you are just commenting on the attire and speeches. Oscar Party bingo, like the one here and here, is the perfect way to keep everyone entertained during the show! Print out one for each guest (and include yourself!) when you print out the decor above.

This second activity is my favorite! Have each guest recite a line or two from their favorite movie (or they can make it up!) and film the “scene”, complete with director’s clapboard filled out with their info, using a video camera or cell phone. You can do this before the Oscars start or during commercials. At the end of the show do a blind (names in a hat) vote of who had the best scene. Post a photo on Facebook of the winner holding your party Oscar and wearing shades, Ray-Bans are best if you have some! Include the video scene in the post if the winner is so inclined, they’ll be even more famous (at least with your Facebook circle, lol).

You don’t even have to do ALL of the above to have a great party! Throw out some popcorn and candy, play the “film scene” game, and wait for the belly-rolling, “I think I just snorted” laughs to ensue.

And the award formost awesome last-minute party hostess goes to…<your name here!>



February 21, 2017

Clever & easy small bathroom organizing ideas!

Do you have a bathroom or powder room that has a pedestal sink that doesn’t offer any storage? Or maybe it’s just a very small under sink cabinet? I have both issues in my home, so I decided to look up some clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas. I say clever because I didn’t want the normal “shelves with baskets of towels” kind of ideas. I wanted organizing solutions that are not only useful but unique, creative, and pretty!

Clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas

Repurposed crate shelves

small bathroom

I love this idea for two reasons! One, recycling or repurposing anything is usually much cheaper than buying something new. Two, the crates offer so much more shelf space than your typical bookshelves. You could also easily paint or whitewash them to match your bathroom decor scheme.

Full-length mirror cabinet
small bathroom

Source: Shabby2Chic

How brilliant is this mirror storage cabinet?? It’s obviously more involved than nailing in a couple of shelves, but the storage payoff is well worth the extra labor. The fact that she was able to create it for only $100 is so impressive. Mirrors are a great way to instantly make any space look bigger, and full-length mirrors double the impact!

“Floating” glass shelves
small bathroom

Source: Stylecaster

Because it is clear, glass shelving creates the optical illusion of taking up less space than shelves made of wood or other opaque material. Stack several of these glass shelves above your toilet or on a side wall above your sinks to create more space seemingly “out of thin air”.

Make a small bathroom LOOK bigger
small bathroom

Source: Home Bunch

You can also use certain design elements to create the look of more space without adding shelves or other storage items. Click here for eight super creative ideas from Life as Mama for making a small bathroom look bigger.

Do you have any unique ideas for making a small bathroom look bigger? Share in the comments below!




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February 16, 2017

Romantic vintage wedding dresses under $200!

According to Pinterest search results, the vintage romance theme is very popular for 2017 weddings.  Both girlie and chic, vintage romance is really never out of style as a wedding theme, which is good, because your wedding is the one area where you should stick to the classics (keep the trends to the dessert table or favors).  The color schemes for a vintage romance wedding are normally pastel in tone and often include a soft metallic shade like rose gold or brushed silver. Vintage romance wedding dresses usually include tulle and/or lace and have a less-structured, more flowy silhouette than the traditional bridal ball gown.

I dug around and found some absolutely stunning wedding dresses with a romantic, vintage feel.  Of course, we would not be staying true to our Faking Fancy mission if we listed dresses that were even near the average price range for a wedding dress in America – so all of my picks are under $200.

Thinking outside the box

wedding dresses

The old saying, “Not everything is what it seems” is a good mindset to have when shopping for an affordable wedding dress. My own wedding dress above is actually a bridesmaid dress from BHLDN. Pink is my favorite color, and my wedding colors were “Blush and Bashful” (an ode to one of my favorite movies, Steel Magnolias), so a blush pink dress made perfect sense. (Plus I knew as a 44-year-old first-time bride I wasn’t fooling anyone by wearing white. I’m just saying…) Everyone loved my dress and said it fit my personality to a tee. My point is, don’t be afraid to wear a gown that isn’t technically labeled as a “wedding” or “bridal” gown. Like cakes, party favors and decor, adding “wedding” or “bridal” to the label only makes the item twice as expensive.

Wedding Dresses with a Vintage Romance Vibe

wedding dresses

Enchanting is the first word that came to mind when I saw this $150 champagne izidresssale wedding gown.  While I believe izidresssale is an overseas-based company, I read the reviews for this gown and the buyers all seemed very pleased with the quality of the dress they received.


wedding dresses

I also fell in love with this izidresssale wedding dress. The delicate, lacy cap sleeves and ribbon detailing are so pretty! You can order this in champagne (a medium ivory) as well. Izidresssale gowns are great for “real girl” bodies as their sizes go up to 26W, and they have an amazing selection!


wedding dresses

This ivory, lace and tulle dress from ASA Bridal on amazon is just an absolute dream- and the price is an even dreamier $95! Larger chested girls ( a C cup or higher) should probably avoid dresses with a low V neckline like this one. I am far from being a prude, but it seems to me if there is too much flesh popping out (read: boobies)  nobody notices the dress, and that’s the last thing you want with your wedding gown!


wedding dresses

This ethereal tulle wedding dress from Ikerenwedding through amazon is just $129.00. I did a little research on the company- this particular dress has a three-star rating and overall good customer reviews. Some customers said despite giving exact measurements they had to have it altered, but at $129.00 you can afford alterations and still come in around $200.00.


wedding dresses

This dreamy, lace-tiered Alice & Olivia dress from The RealReal is only $195.00. The photo above does not do it justice at all, I’ve seen it in person and it’s soo romantic and ethereal. If you find your dream dress on The RealReal, but don’t see it in your size don’t panic right away. The RealReal is a designer consignment store, which means inventory changes constantly. I would check back for a few weeks to see if the dress comes in in your size. Or, if you find a dress that is already sold like this one, you can add that exact dress to a personal waitlist & get notified if it comes in again.


wedding dresses

I would take this romantic white spaghetti strap lace peplum wedding dress from BeigeVintage Co. on Etsy and dye it cream or ivory to make it more “vintagey”.  I’ve read you can “antique” white clothing items by soaking them in tea. You can also use taupe colored Rit Dye. Even if you had to pay around $100 to have the dress professionally dyed by a dry cleaner or costume designer, the purchase price of the dress is a mere $80.50. That’s eighty dollars and fifty cents!!! So your total cost for this amazing gown should still be under $200.

About buying online

If you plan on buying your wedding dress from an online establishment (versus a brick and mortar store) be sure to do some research on the reputation and service of the company. Always check customer reviews on product quality, shipping times and customer service. If there are no reviews on the actual dress, as is sometimes the case on amazon, Google the company to see if they have a working website or reviews on their products elsewhere. Also, be sure to confirm that there is a working customer service hotline or email, in case you do have any issues.

Buying or Renting a Used Wedding Dress

Some girls may cringe at the thought of wearing a used wedding dress. But as a serious thrifter, I can tell you a wedding dress is one of best used-clothing purchases you can make. I mean, this is one of the rare occasions that you can almost guarantee the item was only worn once! And if for some unfortunate reason it wasn’t worn at all, don’t worry about bad mojo, the previous owner’s past does not transfer with the item.  Once you step into that dress, you create a whole new magical story for your dress! Places to find used wedding dresses for sale include PreOwnedWeddingDressesOnceWed, and Tradesy.


wedding dresses

The intricate floral lace and delicate beading detail on this Badgley Mischka dress would make a perfect bridal gown for a lux-romance wedding.  This heavenly gown retails at around a thousand dollars, but you can rent it for only $80 from renttherunway! The normal time period for a RTR rental is four days, but eight-day rentals are also available. Side note: RTR always sends your dress in two sizes, ensuring a perfect fit.

Weddings do not have to cost a fortune! You simply have to get creative and look beyond the traditional resources. For more ways to save on your  wedding and reception, check out my posts here and here.



February 14, 2017

Pretty Valentine’s DIY Decor for pennies!

I went to unpack my Valentine’s Day decor and realized that, because it is the traditional red and pink, it didn’t quite match the color scheme of our kitchen and dining room. (Insert gasp and look of horror here!) I knew I needed to come up with a clever DIY decor solution for two reasons. One- finding Valentine’s Day decor in an aqua/blue color scheme was going to be impossible. And two- I didn’t want to spend the money on more Valentine’s Day decor, especially since I only have it up for a few days anyway.

So I hiked on down to my craft area and found some (as sheer coincidence) pale aqua, lime green and light blue scrapbooking paper I had leftover from a wedding I staged last year. I also grabbed some glue and my scallop-edged scissors. Not finding any string or twine in the craft room, I headed to the laundry room and took some white thread out of my sewing kit. My final stop was my dining room table where I eyed my supplies and started brainstorming Valentine’s DIY decor ideas.

DIY Decor for pennies

diy decor

I looked up from my dining table and it hit me! Nothing is prettier or has more impact than hanging chandelier decor. For Xmas, I hung leftover metallic ornaments from my dining room chandelier and they had such a lovely and dramatic effect! My supplies not so neatly in place, I began cutting hearts out of the scrapbooking paper with the scalloped scissors. I have zig-zag-edged scissors also, both of my special-edged scissors work really well to create a more finished look when cutting out paper crafts. Once I had about 30 hearts (and a cramped hand) I got down to business in making the heart garland. I set a heart on a 12 to 15 inch piece of string and glued another heart on top. I repeated this process down each piece of string and then tied the hanging garlands to the chandelier. The whole process took me less than an hour and the result is so pretty!

diy decor

The cost of this craft was free because I already had all of the supplies on hand, but even if you don’t have the right color scrapbooking paper you can still get 4 sheets (the amount I used) for about $.25- .50 each. You also don’t have to use scalloped scissors for this. Most people have scissors, thread, and glue at home already, which is what makes this craft extremely cheap and perfect for a last minute decor craft!

Is your house lacking pretty Valentines’s Day decor? Try this simple and fun DIY decor project above!





February 13, 2017

Unlimited outfits with Le Tote- my latest tote picks!

I’ve posted on Facebook how much I love Le Tote, but I have yet to do an actual blog post on them.  (This is not a sponsored post btw, I just love them!) Le Tote is a clothing rental company with a HUGE selection of clothes and accessories. It is super easy to get started with Le Tote – just log in, create a style & size profile, browse their massive online catalog, and add items into your own personal style closet. You truly can create an unlimited number of outfits by adding a Le Tote subscription to your current wardrobe basics. And creating the style closet is FREE – you can add and delete items for as long as you want without being charged a penny. But if you want to supplement your meager wardrobe for an incredibly affordable price, signing up for a monthly subscription is totally the way to go.

How its works

The basic monthly subscription service includes 2 clothing items and 1 accessory per tote and costs $44. However, there is no maximum to the number of totes you can go through in a month. And, Le Tote starts building your next tote the minute the return label for your last tote is scanned at the post office, so you only wait 2 shipping days between totes! Let’s say you keep each tote for about 5 days, you can receive an average of 8 new clothing items and 4 accessories per month for only $44. That’s less than $5 per item!!

My Le Tote picks for this week


The cropped length and bright, artsy pattern of this dress gives it a very 60’s It Girl vibe. Like “worked at Vogue and was best friends with Andy Warhol” kind of cool. I have three step-kids and the closest I’ve come to anything Warhol is the tomato soup in my pantry, but a girl can rent a dress and dream…


I love sweaters like this! You can pair it with jeans for a day of running errands or glam it up with some black skinny pants and heels. Either way it’s the perfect mix of style and comfort.


I mean, because they are PINK. and Kate Spade. That is all.

Pretty maternity outfits

If there is ever a time when you don’t want to go out and spend money on clothes, it is when you are pregnant. I’ve seen a lot of articles on how to stretch your normal wardrobe with safety pins and elastics so you don’t have to buy (normally expensive) clothing you’ll probably only wear for a few months. Le Tote’s maternity option is the perfect solution for women of any means, but especially those on a budget! The maternity totes start at $54 for 2 clothing items and 1 accessory per tote. I’ve included a few pretty maternity outfit ideas with Le Tote items below:


How chic is this working-girl maternity outfit? Pair it with some flats for running errands or a long day on your feet.


These vegan ‘leather’ leggings are proof that if your normal style is “edgy rocker chic” that doesn’t doesn’t have to change because you are pregnant!


It’s hard to feel glamorous or elegant when you look like you just ate a watermelon, but the stunning simplicity of this off-the-shoulder dress makes for a very sexy-but-classy silhouette.

Each tote is a collaboration!

When the stylists pull items from your online closet or style profile, they always send you a preview of your tote before mailing it out. When you get the preview you either can approve the selected items or switch any of the items out for another item in your closet! I’ve heard other clothing subscription companies have you build a style profile, but what is sent to you is up to the stylists. This makes me nervous and has prevented me from signing up for a clothing subscription service in the past.

Try before you buy!

If you find yourself loving an item in your tote so much you don’t want to return it, don’t worry! Every item in your tote is available for purchase as well, often at a heavy discount off the retail price. Love everything in a tote? The deal actually gets even better! My last tote had a retail value of $158, but was available for purchase for $103. Plus, whenever you purchase an entire tote you get a credit for a free tote in the future (which to me makes the total of the purchased items $44 cheaper!).

Click here to browse Le Tote and start a free, customized style closet.  Bonus alert: If you sign up in the next few weeks you will get $25 off your first tote! 



February 9, 2017

Drugstore dupes of La Mer moisturizer

I recently saw a fashion blogger I am obsessed with adore, Kendi from KendiEveryday, include a La Mer moisturizer in her list of top 2016 products.  She admittedly did not just run out and purchase this insanely expensive cream on her own volition, it was gifted to her at a PR event she attended (luuhcky!!). But apparently, it worked so well she HAD to buy it despite its astronomical price.

Now, having online stalked followed Kendi for years I know she is not reckless with her money. She is a smart entrepreneur who has endured her share of financial highs and lows and would never buy a product this expensive just over hype. That being said, I still can’t afford this reputable but ultra-expensive cream. I immediately hit Pinterest, Makeup Alley and Google to search for drugstore dupes of La Mer products.

Drugstore Dupes that will save you hundreds

Below are the top two drugstore products that were recommended the most as dupes for La Mer Creme de la Mer. I tried both and prefer the Pond’s, but only because it has a slightly less rich consistency, otherwise both worked beautifully.

drugstore dupes

Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream: I was introduced to this cream by a blogger and Youtuber I love, Rachel Talbot. Rachel’s skin always looks so glowy and flawless, and while you can edit photos on a blog, she also has beautiful skin on her Youtube videos, and there is only so much you can blur on video! The amazing thing with this dupe is, not only did Rachel like the Ponds cream as much as La Mer, she liked it better! The price difference is jaw-droppingly huge- a 3.4oz jar of Creme de la Mer is $465 (no, I will not get out) and you can get a 7oz jar of Rejuveness for around $11.

drugstore dupes

Nivea Creme:read a ton of reviews that recommended Nivea Creme as a Creme de la Mer dupe. Most of them pointed out how both products have a lot of the same ingredients. What is weird to me is that Nivea Creme is actually a body cream, so it’s really rich. Like buttercream frosting rich. But with an almost identical ingredient list, it more than qualifies as a drugstore dupe. Click here to get a gorgeous 13.6oz glass jar of Nivea for around $13.

Happy saving my Faking Fancy beauties!







February 1, 2017

Glam Up Your Small Office Or Cubicle!

small office

Working in a small office or cubicle can be depressing by itself, forget that most corporate offices and cubicles have the design & color scheme of “super-neutral meets uber-bland”.  Luckily, there are a TON of unique and creative ways you can glam up your workspace!  Even if you work in a corporate environment where the walls, carpet, and furniture colors are already picked out for you, you can still give your office or cubicle a pretty makeover with some gorgeous, yet functional desk accessories and office supplies.

Below are my favorite small office and cubicle design ideas. I’ve also linked up to several resources for super cute desk accessories, because as Trudy says in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, “The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Pretty Design Ideas for a Small Office

I love this pink and gold color scheme! It’s girlie and sophisticated at the same time. It looks like this office area is in a hallway or on the side of a guest room.  Proof you do not need an entire room in order to have a proper, functioning office!

small office

I also love this pale aqua and silver color scheme. How clever is this closet-turned-office idea! It’s tiny but sooo pretty, and again, FUNCTIONAL!

Pretty Decor Ideas for Cubicles

Even if you are working in a cubicle versus an actual office you can STILL transform your workspace from dull and boring to pretty and chic. Here are a couple of glamorous cubicle makeovers:

I don’t know what’s more impressive- the overall transformation of this corporate cubicle from “drabby geek” to “shabby chic”, or the fact that they did it for only $50!

small office

Talk about another amazing transformation– I can’t even tell this gorgeous workspace was once a cubicle! I mean, standing in the hallway surrounded by other cubicles you might get wise to it, but step inside and you are instantly transported to a gorgeous and zen-like oasis.

Affordable chic desk and office supplies

So where do you find desk accessories and office supplies that are affordable, useful AND fun to look at? Your local hardware store is the first place to stop! A $4 can of spray paint can magically transform Dollar Store or thrift shop items into some very expensive and designer-looking office decor.

small office

These fancy looking bookends are just large rocks spray painted gold. Talk about frugal design genius!

small office

Another cheap crafting item that can have amazing transformative powers is washi tape! These plain, white file holders become positively Kate Spade-esque when some gold washi tape is added.

small office
Not into crafting or DIY? The gold stapler above from Hobby Lobby is only $4- throw in one of their 40% off coupons and it’s almost free! The Threshold, Sugar Paper and Nate Berkus lines from Target also have some very cute and affordable desk accessories and office supplies.

You don’t have to be a trust fund baby to have an office so glamorous it looks like you work there just to keep from getting bored. Simply incorporate a few of the super-cool and creative decor ideas above and start calling everyone “dahhhling”. (Don’t really do the last part, unless your boss is a huge Green Acres fan…)



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