April 30, 2014

Lips like sugar, sugar kisses…lipstick to love!

Every time I put on my Fresh Sugar lip treatment I get Echo and the Bunnymen stuck in my head…but that is just showing my age so I’ll segway into my topic- paraben free lip products. Although the decade-old myth that we ingest about 7lbs of lipstick in our lifetime has been debunked; being an avid lip biter I know I am probably eating more of it than I should, so I’ve been trying to use all natural lip products for years, like Burt’s Bees Lip Shine in Blush and Lip Shimmer in Strawberry. Recently I’ve become more of a lipstick girl so I hunted around for some paraben-free lipsticks and found a few gorgeous options which I’ve listed below. The price range of these lipsticks is around $17-$25, so if someone knows of a paraben free brand with lower, more drugstore-ish prices, feel free to comment below!

My latest paraben free lipstick obsessions!

Bright: Tarte Amazonian Lip Butter in Watermelon


Click here to buy

Nude: Nars Lip Pencil in Belle Du Jour


Click here to buy

Rose: theBalm Girls Lipstick in Ima Goodkisser


Click here to buy

xoxo, (those are paraben-free kisses too!)


April 30, 2014

Trends I refuse to bury

I was browsing through some old posts on one of my favorite blogs the other day, The Stylish Housewife, when I stumbled upon her January 28, 2014, post that that featured the Who What Wear (WWW) article titled, “18 trends we’re totally over”. Now, I normally do not buy into most trends, so I am not THAT worried about what I will need to give up from my closet after reading this. I am not model tall nor stick thin, so sticking to the classics works best for me when it comes to most of the pieces in my closet. Buying the classics over trendy pieces also works for my wallet as well.


Trends I refuse to bury

Photo courtesy of mopasa.com

As I click through trends listed in the WWW article I am horrified to discover that ballerina buns are over. What the??? To be fair, the article actually said that “sock buns” are over. Apparently, some contributor at WWW decided that now that you can use a sock to create what used to take a visit to a salon, it is no longer a chic, classic hairstyle. I mean, we are not talking about a high side pony or Dutch braided hairbands for Pete’s sake, the sock bun is a BALLERINA BUN. Are you telling me that if some girl walks down the street with one of these perfectly coifed buns I am supposed to look down my nose and say, “Oh that is soo last year’s bun.” I don’t think so.  I still think they look beautiful. And I am keeping my sock.

Photo courtesy of nordstrom.com

The next supposedly dead trend that made my heart sink is the “bubble necklace”. To be fair, the bubble necklace that the WWW article showed really was too big, it took over this poor woman’s entire shirt. But they do not discriminate between small, medium, or big bubbles when they say that these “maddeningly cutesy necklaces are done”. Dang.  I have about five of these bubble necklaces and they totally add polish whenever I wear them. Now I have to stop wearing them because someone deemed them untrendy? Call me a fashion rebel but I’m not buying it. Or not not buying it...you know what I mean.


Photo courtesy of charlotterusse.com

Next up on my “what the?” list from the WWW article is infinity scarfs. Infinity scarves?? I have at least ten of them. WWW’s reasoning? They just don’t get them. Well, now I am just embarrassed for them, because I am pretty sure infinity scarves were invented to help people who did not “get” how to wrap a regular scarf.  (One of those people being me.) Infinity scarves came out and I heard angels singing. So my question to the article author, is this- if the ends of your scarf are hanging out then you are cool, but if you wear an infinity scarf or tuck the ends of your scarf in, then you are like, soo last season? There are so many reasons this rule is ridiculous, I mean I could go on and on…forever…I’d never stop….(kudos if you are getting me right now…)

The rest of the tired trends that WWW listed are not so bad. I get the reasoning behind the wedge tennis shoes, the cut-out shoulder blouses, the graphic printed leggings (even though they JUST came out in stores around here), and the cat print items (which doesn’t look good on anyone over twelve). But as for the rest, I feel like they were just pulling random clothing items just to bulk up the list or to make sure only certain people are able to afford true fashion- maybe making something too easy or accessible makes it unfashionable? After reading a lot of the readers’ comments on the article, as well as comments from the very stylish Stylish Housewife, I felt much better. Almost everyone else agreed with my opinions on the above items. Phew….

My bottom line is actually in my first paragraph of this post. Stick with the classics and you cannot go wrong. If you do buy a few items from the latest trends make sure they are at a lower price point- that way if they are “out” five minutes after you bought them you are not both broke and bitter.

To infinity scarves and beyond!!


April 27, 2014

Pretty bright heels to light up your winter wardrobe!

Have you ever seen a pair of heels and thought, “If I owned those shoes, my life would be perfect. It would never rain. I would never get sick in these shoes. Happiness would follow me everywhere…” That is how I felt when I first laid eyes upon this pair of Kate Spade neon pink pumps.

Ohhhh baby, come to mama! It’s the ultimate girlie color in a very sexy, womanly shoe. These pink beauties would be such a fun, easy way to brighten up anyone’s winter wardrobe- or any season for that matter. The price however, is far, far beyond my budget. Like four flights, a train ride, a bus ride (where you sit next to a chicken), another bus ride, and then a seven-mile hike…-like that far beyond.

I knew I needed to find some similar but much more affordable options. I listed my favorite finds for gorgeously bright heels below- all under $50!

Pretty Bright Heels

bright pumps

(Um, hello perfect copycat!) Women’s Pleaser, Shoebuy.com, $48.95

bright pumps

Cupid Trench, jcpenney.com, $39.44

bright pumps

Fabulicious Lumina, shoebuy.com, $49

bright pumps

Michael Antonio Lamiss, heels.com, $46

bright pumps

FedraPump, justfab.com, $40

Ohhh yeah, this saucy stepmom is totally gonna be rocking the bright pink pair at next school play! What? I’ll pair it with some tasteful boyfriend jeans and a pink plaid shirt to keep it appropriately saucy.  In fact, wearing bright pumps is actually super easy even in everyday life. Just pair them neutral basics et voila…instant glam!

Outfit Inspo with Bright Heels

bright pumps

Jessica Alba adds a pop of edgy chic to her outfit with these neon yellow pumps.


bright pumps

I LOVE this outfit! The pink really makes the whole outfit pop. Notice how she keeps the pink from seeming too random by adding a small, matching accessory.


bright pumps

Again, neutral basics + bright pumps = easy, casual glam!



April 21, 2014

Non-toxic cleaning products on a budget

non-toxic cleaning

“It ain’t easy being green.” Boy, Kermit was not exaggerating when he first sang that song back in 1970. And although he was not talking about being ecologically friendly or environmentally safe, I am sure that both he and Jim Henson would be horrified at exactly how hard it is to be “green” in society today. Although using non-toxic cleaning products is much more chic than it was back then, or even ten years ago, the price of being green has not changed that much, leaving us Faking Fancy types struggling to find ways to live a non-toxic lifestyle in a world where a lot of our food, cleaning products, and other household items have been sprayed, painted or doused in a toxic chemical of some sort.

My “going green” story

I had a boyfriend die of stomach cancer about eight years ago, my dad is in remission from lymphoma, and I recently had a scary mammogram incident where an “unidentified mass” caused enough alarm to do a same-day ultrasound – it turned out to be just a swollen lymph node, but that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After reading several books by Kris Carr, Suzanne Somers, and Rory Freedman, I became convinced that cancer can be prevented by eating right, exercising and getting rid of toxic chemicals throughout your household.

Non-toxic cleaning products


I didn’t have to look far when deciding to convert to non-toxic cleaners.  I had just moved in with my boyfriend (now husband), and he as already a devout user of Shaklee cleaning products which just happen to be non-toxic. Apparently, he was introduced to them by his ex-wife who was a distributor. Why he still used them and even purchased them through her was a tribute to how well they worked! I don’t know many divorced people who fork over cash to an ex-spouse for something unless they are ordered to, so the fact that Shaklee is the only kind of cleaning products he uses is really a testament to how well it works.

A few years ago I burned my hand on a hot cookie sheet. Like the movie, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” my husband walked over and put a few drops of the Basic H cleaner on my hand. “Soothes burns too,” he said. I stared at him and then down at the glossy drops of Basic H pooling out over the burn…and you know what? It did feel better. It also took red wine juice out of an expensive white, wool pillow.  I was so excited I wanted to tell everyone about this product!


Most non-toxic cleaners are way more expensive than their chemical-laden counterparts, but the Basic H2 cleaner is concentrated, so one $13 bottle cleaned my whole house for a year.  Are all of the products non-toxic and paraben-free? Yep! Do I buy every single one of their products? Nope. I definitely have my favorites, like the Scour Off paste that smells like bubblegum and cleans gunky shower scum super easy. And the Nature Bright Laundry booster which, mixed in a spray bottle with water is what made the red wine stain on my “dry clean only” pillow disappear.

If you visit my Shaklee website and click on the “About me” page you’ll see a few more products I love. That’s right, now I am a distributor and a proud user of some of the most amazing green products in the world. At least in my opinion. And Oprah’s. And Lara Spencer from Good Morning America…

It ain’t easy being green, but every baby step you take towards leading a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle can add years of love, laughter and lots of future adventures for you and your family!



*Picture courtesy of Jim Henson Productions.

April 16, 2014

Beauty school drop out…luxurious facials on a budget

luxurious facials

Photo courtesy of fanpop.com

Actually, I am a beauty school drop IN. I used to get relaxing pedicures twice monthly and luxurious facials about once a month. I LOVE getting facials. Not just for the benefits to my skin, but to me, they are just as relaxing as a full-body massage. And the price? While I used to pay about $60 for a facial at my local salon (a pretty good price considering most salons charge $75 and up) my local beauty school in Colorado Springs charges…drumroll please….(are you rolling your tongue or tapping on your desk? It’s worth it I swear…) $17.00 for an hour-long facial. Bananas! And every month the school runs specials on services, like a $15 pumpkin facial in October (it was Chocolate in February!).

That’s right folks, I can get an hour-long facial for less than half the national average, and you can too if you have a beauty school that offers client services in your area! My local beauty school performs their facials in private, individual rooms, so it really is like a real, honest-to-goodness, fancy salon facial. I have been to beauty schools where they perform the facial in a large room with a lot of beds, so if grandma falls asleep next to you, you have to listen to her snoring. But if I only have to spend about $25 on a $100 facial I will take some snoring – even better, bring your iPod with some downloaded spa music…ahhhh.

Not sure if your town/city has a beauty school that offers fabulously discounted services? Try this link HERE or google beauty schools in your city and click on the “salon services” link on their site.

Fancy facials a thing of the past? I don’t think so ladies!! Now get out there and glow!



P.S. If you like this post you’ll love my post, Drugstore Dupes of Expensive of Fancy Makeup!

April 7, 2014

A fancy fairy tale gets real…..

about me

About Me

In my former life, I was a single girl making great money and spending my disposable income freely on facials, clothes and whatever snazzy home décor item came my way. Then I met my prince charming and his three amazing kids…fast forward three years later and I am part of this wonderful family – only now, instead of being one girl with an income that only needed to provide for me; I am part of a five-person, two income household. Even with prince charming making good money as well, the math does not work out to the same as it did in my former life. With hockey league fees, school clothes, three stockings under the tree, dance recital costumes… I soon realized there is not a lot of money left for the facials; clothes and the snazzy home décor that I used to be able to afford …or is there?

While I LOVE my new life, this blog is a result of my wanting to not give up any of the fancy things I used to be able to afford before I had a family. I see so many moms, real, step or otherwise, give up a sense of their former “fancy” selves in order to provide for their kids and their family. Ladies- you CAN live a fabulously fancy life with less time and money than you ever thought possible- and Faking Fancy is here to help!

We all know the term “faking it” is normally used in a negative way, but with Faking Fancy you’ll learn that “faking it” is a good thing! Living a fancy life on a budget with less time and effort- what’s not to love? So thanks for stopping by. If you have any topics you’d like to see in the future on this site please send me an email at MissFakeFancy@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

Fancy air kisses,



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