July 1, 2014

What a crock! Easy crock-pot recipes

For some reason, I used to think of the crock-pot as a winter appliance. Maybe because the meals I used to make in it were heavier, heartier fare. I have since learned, however, that easy crock-pot recipes are perfect on warmer days when you don’t want to use the oven or any other appliance that might heat up the house.

I have found quite a few budget-friendly recipes that are on the lighter side so you won’t feel the need to curl up and take a nap on the hammock in the yard afterward – unless you were going to do that anyway. I’m big on naps, so I totally won’t judge you…

Three super easy crock-pot recipes

Photo courtesy of itsdinnertime.com

Lemon Pepper Chicken & Rice

One look at the picture from the recipe and I KNEW I had to make it! The results? It is just as mouth-wateringly delicious as it looks!  Blogger nd recipe author Marisa recommends McCormick Lemon Herb Seasoning, but I used Lemon Pepper as I could not find McCormick Lemon Herb anywhere.

Photo courtesy of sarcasticcooking.com

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This is so easy and cheap! Get a 2lb pork shoulder. Add 1-2 bottles of your favorite BBQ sauce. Let it simmer in the crock-pot until it shreds easily with a fork, about 6-8 hours on low. Serve on Hawaiian rolls or other buns of your choice. Some people add a little root beer or Coke, some people add brown sugar or garlic powder. Experiment with a little of this or that until you find your family’s perfect mix. It’s really hard to mess these up!

Photo courtesy of sarcasticcooking.com

Adobo Pork Tacos

I love taco night. It’s one of the few meals where I cook one thing but everyone ends up happy. However, standing over a hot skillet to cook the meat is not my idea of fun, especiallyy in the middle of summer. Enter the crock-pot. The meat from this recipe is sooo moist and tender, you may never fry up a batch of taco mix seasoned hamburger again!

Crock-pot meals do require some planning in that you need to have fully thawed meat ready to go that morning, and you need to remember to actually load up and turn the crock-pot on. I have forgotten both on several occasions and it is an expensive lesson to learn (mostly fast-food or last minute grocery trips are way more expensive that these simple, pre-planned meals).

Once you have the planning part down, the rest is easy. All you have to do when dinnertime rolls around is serve and enjoy. This leaves time for your honey to pour you an ice cold cocktail – and anything that leaves time for a cocktail is all right in my book – cheers!

If you like these recipes you’ll love my easy casserole recipes here and here.



July 1, 2014

Romper Room…cute rompers make affordable outfits!

While I’ve yet to embrace the jumpsuit trend, mostly because I have yet to find one that doesn’t make me look like a chubby , but fashionable paratrooper, I absolutely adore cute rompers.

Like dresses, rompers make getting dressed in the morning super easy when you are hung-over tired or any time you just don’t feel like picking out a matching outfit. But unlike dresses, rompers allow for a lot more movement, so you can run after your kids, pull weeds in the lawn, and chase a runaway grocery cart on a windy day, all without worrying whether your new Victoria Secret cheekies will be displayed for the world to see. All of which has happened to me. My apologies to our neighbors and the bag boy who pulls in all the carts at our local grocery store…or you’re welcome…lol. NO, seriously, I am sorry.

To qualify for Faking Fancy each of the following rompers is under $50. An entire outfit for under $50 where the top and bottom automatically match? Um, yes please!

Cute rompers under $50
cute romper

I love the embroidered detail on the front of this $31 romper from Last Call. The color would look good on almost any skin tone, but I think it would really pop on a pale redhead!

cute rompers

The lattice on the back of this $20 peach romper from Charlotte Russe will make you turn as many heads whether you are coming or going. I also like these rompers here and here.

cute rompers

I never thought of rompers as being particularly sexy until I saw this $20 romper, which is also from Charlotte Russe.  Holy hot date! The beautiful lace collar and v-shaped cut-out at the chest take this romper from basic to va-va-voom. You could wear it to more conservative or family-friendly events by topping it off with a jean jacket.

cute rompers

This saucy $39 red romper from Gilt would be great on vacation in Mexico or on Taco Tuesday at your house, depending on your budget. Am I the only one who thinks the placement of the fringed ties in the online photo is awkward?

cute rompers

The horizontal striping on this $25 romper from MayKool is super figure flattering, and would make the perfect breezy, warm weather outfit.

The only pain with these outfits is if you want a quick romp with daddy need to go to the bathroom you have to take the entire outfit off, unless you are super talented and can pull the bottom half “aside” without making a mess. Actually, even if you think you are super talented I do not recommend it. Forget I even mentioned it. I am not the Jedi you are looking for…

So what are you waiting for? Jump into one of these one piece wonders and revel in the fact that you bought an entire outfit for less money that most people pay for a meal at Chili’s.




June 30, 2014

It’s in the bag baby! Chic totes for under $50

Summer comes and I find myself inevitably switching from my tried and true “winter purse”, which is usually a satchel or hobo, to a more casual cloth or straw tote bag. Larger and less structured than my winter bags, a tote bag is almost a necessity in the summer months as we tend to travel more, and I tend to carry more items with me on a daily basis that I normally don’t in the winter time.

Below are a few of my favorite chic totes, all under $50 of course!

I love how this $19.99 cotton sequined tote bag from Target marries casual with fancy in such a perfect way! I would buy some gold letters from a craft store and iron on my initials. Tres chic and personalized!!

This Overstock.com bag comes already monogrammed and it’s dipped in pink! The fact that it also comes with both an arm handle and over the shoulder strap for only $38.99 makes it a great buy.

This San Diego Striped Lock bag from Francesca’s is barely under my Faking Fancy limit of $50, but with the faux leather trim and gold lock detailing it looks much more expensive than $48.00.

This $29.99 peach and navy striped crossbody tote from Target is the perfect size for ladies who want a more casual summertime purse, but don’t need all of the extra room of a regular-sized tote bag.

Just because your purse, which used to contain a makeup bag and spare set of panties keys, now also contains antibacterial wipes, Kleenex, children’s Dimetapp, spray sunscreen, one American Girl Doll shoe (?), a granola bar, three chapsticks (they are always losing them!), and wrappers from whatever the kids left in the car that day, does not mean you cannot carry a cute, chic, totes adorbs tote. Wait…no that made sense. It was very Kardashian, but it made sense.

So don’t spend $375 on a designer bag when there are so many affordable options out there. Fake Fancy with one of the bags above and you’ll have the summertime arm candy worthy of any true fashionista.



June 30, 2014

Wrap it up, I’ll take it: Affordable swimsuit cover ups

I did a post about bathing suits a few days ago, but we all know that unless you are the most confident woman in the world, the only time we are walking around in nothing but a bathing suit is when we are underwater or walking directly in or out of the water. Everywhere else usually requires the use of a cover up of some kind, be it a beach towel, sarong, long, gauzy shirt, or sundress. Next to Spanx, bacon salt, and a good concealer, swimsuit cover ups can be a girl’s best friend. (Okay, I just threw the bacon salt in there randomly. I love anything bacon.)

As a Faking Fancy rule, I like things that save me money by doing double duty, so I prefer cover ups that I can wear later as a dress on its own. You will hear it again and again on this site- I am not just about saving money by buying the cheaper item; I am also passionate about cost per wear. If you buy one $78 pair of sandals and wear them ALL SUMMER LONG versus three pairs of $25 cheaply made sandals, one of which you never wear because they hurt your feet, you are actually getting the better deal with the $78 pair, because even though you paid about the same for the three $25 pairs, you actually wasted $25 on the pair you never wore.

Life’s a financial garden – and sometimes you need a more expensive shovel that will last longer so you don’t have to buy two more cheaper shovels -dig it?

Here are my favorite double duty cover ups. As always, they adhere to the Faking Fancy rule guideline of being priced under $50:

I mean, it just wraps on, literally...

I mean, it just wraps on, literally…

This $44.99 Victoria Secret cover up is the absolute BOMB. How sexy is the back? The coolest part is the fact that is simply wraps on and off.



Later, when the kids go to bed, you can turn some music on and unwrap yourself like you are a pretty, cloth covered stripper gift….Love. Love. Love.

The lacy frills on the top of this $ 17.99 Target sundress add a saucy, flirty element to an otherwise run-of-the-mill sundress. The aqua color would look great on a (fake) tan.

Another Target find, this $24.99 maxi dress could also double as a nightgown when traveling or camping. If I wore it out on the town I would add some dangly bronze earrings and a braided leather belt to Fancy it up a bit.

Remember ladies, always take REAL cover with an SPF 30 or higher. Skin cancer is not sexy or Fancy!

A Coppertone ad from the 1970s…holy false advertising… Xoxo


June 30, 2014

Stacy’s mom has got it going on…Cute swimsuits that are age appropriate

(Note: The links for this post have been updated as of 2/6/17)

Let’s face it ladies, after thirty it gets harder and harder to maintain the abs you naturally had in your twenties. Whether it’s from babies, hormones, or just normal weight fluctuations, our stomachs are the first thing we tend to cover up when it comes to swimsuit season. Or at least it’s the one thing most women should be covering up. If I had a nickel for every pooch I saw hanging out of a bikini I’d be running a blog called “I’m rich from delusional women who have dishonest or mean friends, or no mirror and wear bikinis when they shouldn’t”. Ha, like GoDaddy would ever allow that long of a domain name…but I digress.

On the opposite end are the women who think because they have to wear a one-piece they are doomed to wear the boring, plain Jane one- piece swimsuits of the past. Not so, my Faking Fancy readers! While there are many more options for sexy (yet classy) one piece swimsuits on the market today, there are two kinds of suits I personally tend to shy away from:

Swimsuits to avoid

The swimdress: I try to avoid these suits like the plague as they are usually cut across the widest part of the hip. Not the most flattering look unless you have the hips of a twenty-year-old supermodel.

The monokini: You are not fooling me into wearing a bikini disguised as a one piece by stringing a tiny piece of fabric that barely covers my belly button between the top and bottom of the suit. Nice try swimsuit makers, but no cigar…

Cute Swimsuit Options

Below are a few cute swimsuits that are the perfect mix of sexy and classy, and appropriate for women of almost any age.

cute swimsuit

All eyes will be on you in this stunning $29.99 patterned star suit from Target but in a really good way. The bright, striped pattern acts like a high-tech camouflage, which means your eyes focus on the colors and pattern of the suit, not any actual flaws underneath.

cute swimsuit

Although it is technically not a one piece, I’m okay with the coverage of this saucy tankini from Target. The lace detail on this top is sexy without being skanky. I would pair the top with a well-cut string bikini bottom – you are still covering your midriff for modesty, but adding a little more oomph in the leg area.

cute swimsuits

Okay, I know what you are thinking, “A maternity suit??” But stick with me. The beautiful lingerie-like lace detailing on the back of the ASOS swimsuit is what caught my eye. I also love the side ruching, which popular with maternity suits because it does wonders to diffuse and camouflage a larger midsection.  Just because you aren’t pregnant doesn’t mean this trick won’t work! And it certainly won’t make you look pregnant if you are not. However, if you eat an entire Chipotle burrito by the pool, if will be more forgiving that a regular suit:)

cute swimsuit

I j’adore this Bardot Mesh Dot suit from ASOS! I went back and forth on whether it was really age-appropriate for a woman over forty and finally decided it was okay as long as you keep your sandals flat (no high wedges) and your hair simple. (I’d go with a high pony to keep the Bardot-esque vibe.) This suit is $8 over my normal limit of $50, but it’s so well made and beautifully designed I just had to include it! The overall cut of the suit is quite demure, but the dotted mesh in the midriff and upper thigh adds a sassy flash of skin.

cute swimsuit

This long-sleeve dive suit from RoseGal is one of my favorites for any kind of water activity. Whether you are kayaking, wake boarding or just playing in the pool with the kids, it offers the most sun protection and coverage on your top half, but still looks stylish.  You have the option of how sexy you want the suit to be depending on how far down you pull the front zipper. I actually check RoseGal for swimsuits every year. They have an amazing variety of swimwear for super affordable prices. This $12 strappy side suit is an exact replica of a $99 Body Glove suit I was lusting after last summer!

So grab your SPF, favorite smutty novel, and your big floppy hat and proudly flaunt your stuff in these fun, flattering, affordable and very, very cute swimsuits!



P.S. If you like this post check out my other swimsuit post from June 2016, Poolside Chic! Classy Swimsuits for Under $50.

June 27, 2014

Let’s get physical! Fancy gym not required…

I have friends who are members of an “uber-gym”, the three-story, ten thousand square foot, kind where you can get a spa treatment before your workout and lunch after and never leave the building. While this is all fine and well, super fancy, it does not make my friend any more fit or healthy than me. There are plenty of affordable, or even free ways to get fit that don’t require joining a gym at all.

If you are the outdoorsy type then your workout is as easy as loading a bunch of jamming tunes on your iPod and heading outside for a 20-45 walk, jog or run, depending on your skill level. If the weather sucks, or if you are a “Goldilocks” runner like me and the weather has to be juuuust right (between 65-72 degrees), or if no matter what the weather is doing you’d rather be inside, there are still a few affordable options to get your booty moving:

  • Rent workout tapes from your local library: There are two reasons why this is actually better than going out and buying a bunch of workout tapes. For one, the videos are all free, and two, if you don’t like a particular workout video or get tired of doing the same one, you just return it and try another one and you aren’t out a single penny.
  • Youtube workout videos: Again, these videos are free! There are also several workout subscription channels that upload new workouts daily so you never get bored. Two workout channels I absolutely love are as follows:
  • BikiniBodyMommy: Briana Christine is a busy mom of three beautiful kids who has gained 100 and lost pounds with her pregnancies over the years. Check out her amazing before and after photos as well as her current 90 day program that she is actively participating in order to lose the 25 pounds she gained from her most recent pregnancy. I love this girl because she is actually chubby on Day One and she transforms with you in her workout videos. She gets winded during her first few workouts and shows you she is a REAL person, not a fitness model or athlete. Sometimes it gets annoying to be huffing and puffing along to the video of a workout guru who is clearly not out of breath doing the same moves you are.
  • Blogilates: I love Pilates but I cannot afford the classes. This free video series offered by the adorable Casey Ho has online workouts that target specific areas, like abs, gluts or arms, as well as workouts to treat common maladies like painful menstrual cramps or lower back pain.

As far as making time to work out, most people say if they don’t do it first thing in the morning they won’t do it at all. With my busy schedule lately this makes perfect sense, however; I am NOT a morning person, so just getting out of bed before 8am is a challenge, let alone getting up to do a workout. So now I usually work out after dinner, about 2 hours before bed. Do you have any helpful hints for getting motivated in order to work out in the first place? Do you bribe yourself with a treat? Is the weight loss motivation enough? If you have any other tips my Fancy friends feel free to comment below!



June 27, 2014

Popping tags…thrift shop all the way to the bank!

Okay, so I won’t be stealing your grandpa’s style, or even your grandma’s, but I have been scoring some amazing deals at my local thrift shop. What started as a volunteering position at my local thrift store, because I wanted to give back to my community, quickly became an avenue for discovering some smoking hot deals on clothing, kids’ toys, and home goods.  Now I love thrift shopping!

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking because I used to think it too. Clothes from a thrift shop? Yuck. The clothes are always out of style and they always look used. While that might be true for some of the clothing you get from many of the larger charitable organizations, most thrift shops are much pickier about what they take into their inventory. Even the larger charity organization stores like Arc and Goodwill, are getting better on what they will and will not resale.

Thrift Shop Tips

Interesting in getting into thrift shopping, but not sure where to start? Check out these awesome tips and tricks below!

Thrift shop 101: The complete guide

Thrift Store Tips for Vintage Crafters

Thrifting to make money

My recent Faking Fancy thrift shop finds
thrift shop

This preppy Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, which I plan to pair with some boyfriend jeans and a cheap (read knock-off) pair of Converse.

thrift shop

This Ann Taylor sweater will be a perfect “transition” sweater as Colorado is famous for its bipolar weather, where it’s hotter than Hades at noon, but cool enough to require a cover up at night.

thrift shop

This Apt 9 (I think that’s Target?) blouse. I LOVE this blouse. I probably wear it once a week. It is a great layering piece and goes with jeans, olive skinny pants, and black stretchy capris.

The best part? The price range for blouses and sweaters at my local thrift shop, Hangers, is between $3-$5 no matter WHAT designer or brand. I have purchased Banana Republic, Black House White Market and other name brand tops for $5 or less!! I know I sound like a TJ Maxx commercial, but even good ole TJ can’t compete with these prices.

I lied. (Sometimes I do that, don’t judge.) The best part is not the rock bottom price, it is when someone who is wearing an $88 Black House White Market sweater and $125 Hudson jeans compliments me on my outfit when it cost me (both top and bottom) about $40. IT’S. THE. BEST. Did you know that if you charge an $8 martini to a credit card because you spent so much money on your outfit that you have no cash left for a drink that that one drink can end up costing you over $25 with the compounding interest? Even worse, if you charged your $125 jeans and paid the minimum payment on your credit card for seven years, the actual cost of those jeans with compounding interest will end up being over $300?? Popping tags is looking pretty good now isn’t it?

The king of popping tags- Macklemore!

The king of popping tags- Macklemore!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Find your local thrift shop and channel your inner Macklemore!



June 27, 2014

This ain’t no kiddie slide…

I’m talking full grown adult slide. Noo, it’s not like the “adult swing”. Jeez people. I’m talking shoes. Men, click to another page, women, keep salivating…

Whether you call it a mule or a slide, this slightly elevated, open heeled shoe is my go-to footwear for summer. Seeing as how I walk like a duck in flats, flip-flops are not a staple in my wardrobe like almost everyone else this summer. Instead, I opt for the ease, comfort and style flexibility offered in the slide sandal (also called a mule or mule wedge depending on the brand).

Just like a flip-flop, and like the name implies, you simply slide your foot in and go. Because of the low-to-mid heel height they are super comfortable, and, if you get them in a neutral color, you can get away with only one pair for almost everything in your closet.

A little pricier than your average rubber flip-flop, slides offer loads more foot support and can easily work for with both daytime and fancier nighttime events. I have a hard time doing anything Fancy (like date-night) in flip-flops, although walking like a duck into a place that serves duck might be half of the problem.

Below are few pretty summer options for slides – all under $50:

If you are trying to stick to one pair for the summer, neutrals are a sure bet. This $34 pair of suede mules from Lulus is not only trendy and fashionable, but the beige color blends in with most skin tones so your legs look longer- a definitely plus for me! Another pretty neutral option is shown here.

For all you hip mommas with the color-of-the-moment in your closet, these adorable $23 mint green wedge mules with cut-out detailing completely fit the low-priced bill. This $30 pair from Dirty Laundry also fits that bill!

You’d be amazed at how many outfits you can pair with multicolored shoes. As long as your top or pants aren’t a really busy pattern, these $30 striped mules from Chinese Laundry can be worn with any color in the striping. Click here for another colorful, but highly wearable option.

So the next time yourself shuffling around with a sore between your toes and an aching arch, simply ease your weary, flip-flop bedraggled tootsies into some comfy, chic slides and keep on keepin’ on. Because my Fancy friends, slides aren’t just pretty and affordable- these shoes were made for walkin, and that’s just what they’ll do…



May 30, 2014

Girl Porn…gorgeous accessories to drool over

“Ohh baby, I want you soo bad.” Have you ever said this to your iPad while drooling over a pair of shoes, pretty accessories or cute top that you found online and just HAVE to have? Then you glance over and find your man staring at you with googly cartoon eyes and his mouth wide open? Yeah, me too. All the time. So often that now when I do it my honey just sighs and says, “Are you looking at girl porn again?” Girl Porn. What a scandalous name for online shopping. I love it!! It’s so fetch! I think Girl Porn is gonna totally be the new “it” phrase! Of course, fetch never was…but Girl Porn will be. Totally.

My particular style of Girl Porn is cute accessories, earrings in particular. No matter what I weigh they always fit! I know a lot of girls are hooked on shoe porn, but earrings are soo much more affordable. And if you live in a part of the country with different seasons/weather like I do, you can wear the same pair of earrings all year round, whereas I only wear my riding boots in the winter and my wedge sandals in the summer. Those cute turquoise drop earrings? Adorbs in February AND July.

What is your favorite kind of Girl Porn? Do you own fifty pairs of jeans? Tons of little black dresses? Feel free to share your fashion fetish in the comments below!

Cute Accessories

Below are a few of my favorite affordable girl porn items and where to find them.



Target has had the best accessories these past few years! I love the pink Cluster and multi-colored Druzy Drop earrings from Sugar Rush for Bauble Bar above, both are only $12.99.



This Floral Crystal necklace looks very J. Crew but it’s only $21.99. I am also digging this purple Gentribe cuff bracelet and this cubic zirconia bar bracelet.


We just got a local Charming Charlie about a year ago and I was so excited!  They specialize in accessories, so their selection is huge, and everything is super affordable. These delicate Cabo Pear Drop Hoops above are only $8.00.


I LOVE these Bar Threader earrings from Charming Charlie as well. Their unique design would dress up even a plain tee- just be sure to wear your hair up so these dainty beauties truly stand out!



Forever21 is another of my favorite places to shop for beautiful and inexpensive jewelry. I saw these Pink Pom Pom Duster earrings and had to have them. The style is a cross between Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company and Ariana Grande, so they average out totally age appropriate for me.:)  I would wear the earrings in the stud set above with a ponytail and turtleneck, and at $7 for the set each pair is less than $2!

For the most part, Girl Porn is a lot like guy porn, most of it is just about LOOKING. I spend hours online “window shopping” without ever buying a single thing. My honey will often ask me what’s the point? Don’t I get frustrated? Um, we could ask men the same thing about the other kind of porn and it would be the exact same answer. The point is visual stimulation. To get motivated. For inspiration.

As the fat little cousin of Jerry mouse would say, “Touché pussycat.”



May 21, 2014

Faking a Fancy Spa Pedicure…Easy DIY!

There are certain things I allow myself to splurge on, like my monthly massage subscription (at $40 a month it’s well worth the health and wellness benefits).  Even as affordable as the massages are, I wanted to save money in other areas to compensate, so I gave up my monthly spa pedicures. That said, I do not want to end up with Boomerang toes. (Netflix the movie if you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s a CLASSIC.) So, instead of salon pedi’s, I now do my pedicures at home. At first, I thought that I would totally miss the pampering of a spa pedicure. I mean, giving myself a pedicure could not be as relaxing as someone else giving me a pedicure, can it?

A Luxurious Spa Pedicure- At home!

Not only can a home pedicure be as relaxing as a spa one, it can be even Fancier! DIY home pedicures have one HUGE advantage over salon pedicures, beyond the obvious price difference- and that is complete customization.

spa pedicure

If you want everything to smell like your favorite Bath & Body Works scent, like Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Vanilla Creamsicle or my fav Paris scent above, buy all of the products in that scent and have at it. BBW usually has buy three or $15 anyway, which works out to about $.10 cents per use if you break it down per bottle. At a salon, they just slap whatever they have on you and if you don’t like the smell of Minty Mango or Cyprus Pine, then too bad.

Also,  you can listen to or watch whatever you want during the pedicure at home. Half the time I walk into my local mani/pedi place they have the news on TV or some teeth-grindingly bad, slow jazz muzak playing. During my at-home “spa pedicure”, I like to set the lights in my bathroom on low, light some scented candles and play some relaxing spa music on Pandora. It’s like I’m at a high-end spa without the high-end price tag!

You know when you go to get a pedicure at a salon and they ask if you want to add a mask, a scrub, an exfoliating treatment to the soles of your feet, etc..? And of course, these are usually $5-10 each, over the original price, so in the end, your $26 pedicure is now costing upwards of about $40 plus tip. At home, I can go crazy and do ALL of the “extras”- cash and guilt free! One of my favorite parts of my home pedicure is when I put a  mask on my legs and wrap them in a warm towel.
spa pedicure

There are foot masks available now that come with thin plastic foot socks. My favorite is the Lavender Foot Mask from Sephora. Sometimes I add a few drops of soothing essential oils to the warm towel…like Lavender or Peace & Calming. If my honey is around I break out my printed foot reflexology map and ask him for a customized foot rub, and, perfect man that he is he almost always complies. You can do this yourself if you don’t have anyone else nearby to do it for you, add some essential oils or lotion and go to town…ahhhh, heaven.

Spa pedicure

Hit the right spot using this handy chart!

The final step? I put on my fluffy bathrobe (or linen robe in the summer) and pour myself a glass of wine (or two or four).

spa pedicure

I LOVE pink wine. Call it “Blush” or “Rose”, heck call it whatever you want. It’s light on the palate and it’s PINK. There isn’t a girlier wine on the planet and it’s perfect to sip during a spa treatment.  My favorite is the Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato above. It’s sooo pretty and only $10 a bottle.  The Sophia Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling white, but it comes in pretty little pink cans. Individual portions make it easy when it’s just you and you don’t want to open an entire bottle. Easy on the vino or your polish job will turn out like crap into a sloppy mess.

spa pedicure

My favorite polishes are by Zoya because they go easy on the nasty chemicals that are in most nail polishes. Click here for a fantastic step-by-step video that shows how to give yourself an amazing spa pedicure at home.

Pampering yourself does not have to cost a fortune. Simply don a soft robe, grab your glass of sparkling pink wine, lower the lights, and get ready to romance your toes with a Faking Fancy spa pedicure!



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