July 7, 2014

Fedora love of fashion…cute hats that add polish!

Looking for a way to add a bit of polish to an otherwise plain, ever day outfit? Me too! I can put together at least a dozen outfits using my wardrobe staples list, but if I add a pretty accessory, like a statement necklace or chic hat to each outfit my “dozens” becomes hundreds! While looking at some of my favorite fashion blogs, I noticed some fedoras and other cute hats popping up in quite a few outfits. Here is a super cute outfit with a fedora from the Mommy Stylist. Notice the base of this outfit is a plain white tee and blue skirt. But you add a few pretty accessories and the whole outfit perks up!

And another sweet outfit from the Poor Little It Girl:

Love her site- she has the cutest outfit combinations ever!

Love her site- she has the cutest outfit combinations ever!

This fedora trend actually works for me in two ways- one, it helps me from overheating and sweating in places a lady should never sweat, and two, it shields my skin cancer-prone scalp from the sun’s deadly rays. I can’t believe I used to slather myself in Bain De Soliel..now I swear I get a wift of orange every time an age spot pops up. Weird, and grrr…

Back to the fedora. Although these gorgeous babies look good on almost anyone, they require a certain gravitas to wear. As in, you really have to commit once you put a fedora on. You can’t leave the house and decide you don’t have the balls guts to pull it off and then take the hat off, because unless you happen to have hair long enough for a pony tail, AND happen to have a ponytail holder on you, you risk running around with hat hair the rest of the day. No bueno.

More cute hats!
cute hat

Pink Trim Fedora, $12.99 
cute hats

Floppy Brown Hat, Target $19.99 
cute hats
Jaunty Herringbone Hat $18.00
 cute hats

Burgundy Floppy Hat $16.95

How crazy cheap are these hats? I love to get a colored fedora and wear it with a white tank and jeans and matching colored necklace or sandals. A neutral fedora has more benefits though- as it matches multiple outfits and is better suited for those of you new to the hat accessories scene. Another bonus to a cute hat? It’s a super chic way to hide a really bad hair day! Yep, no one has to know you haven’t showered for two days and the loops in your oily cowlicks rival the rides at Elitches. Slip on a fedora or wide-brimmed hat and lower your gaze a bit. In one quick step you just went from kinda gross to kinda sexy. You’re welcome.



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  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    I love hats, but I only wear them to the beach. I need to change that because there are so many cute ones that can be worn anytime.

  2. I wish I could pull of fedoras! I always feel like I’m trying to hard, haha. I love that big scarf you’re wearing, it goes perfectly with the hat!

  3. I love these hats!! I need to get some more hats for my wardrobe to change things up!

  4. Wow, I don’t use hats enough. Not only are they cute, but I could definitely add another day to not washing my hair! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Love the Poor Little It Girl and her style. She always shows us how to style the latest trends – like this blanket scarf in the photo – in the most fabulous ways!

  6. I love love love hats! The problem? Hats do NOT love me :(. I can never seem to pull them off. But I love that Fedora!

  7. Wow, I love her style. I wished that I could get my blanket scarves to look that awesome!

  8. I am so in love with that hat and the scarf! I love winter clothes but never really get a chance to wear them

  9. Those are great hats and I love the scarf, is that a blanket scarf? They look so ward and fun to use.

  10. Oh I just love a nice hat, and a fedora is the best! I would love to have a pink one for February!

  11. I loved this post. Such cute outfits and fun hats. It’s amazing how a simple hat can change the whole outfit. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Reesa Lewandowski says:

    I love the way hats look on women, but for some reason never wear any myself! I need to pick up some of your ideas! Thank you for the inspiration!

  13. I love hats so much I think they make me look way more put together! Although I have recently lost my favourite fedora (I was at a high storey car park and the wind blew it off – just like that, argh) xx

  14. I love all the items and assessories that you selected, I especially like wearing fedora hats, I just wish more women wore them too! Thx for the suggestions

  15. Yes! I love hats, but don’t always look great in them. I finally find my obsession though, Panama hats! Love the cute ones you featured!

  16. Too cute, I so love hats. One reason I am a big fan of the fall, so fashionable.

  17. Because I have such big curly hair I can never wear these kind of hats. I hope one day they make oversize hats in these type of styles so I can wear them too!

  18. I love the outfit you put together! I haven’t owned a fedora before but I think I’m going to get one for the summer 🙂

  19. I love hats, although I don’t wear them too often because of hat hair. I have a couple of fedoras, one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. My niece informed me that my wool fedora was boring, which kind of crushed me since she is only 3.

  20. It’s so nice that hats are trending! There are so many lovely hats these days and it would be awesome to wear them especially this season!

  21. I love the way hats look on some people. Other people just look odd in them and like they are trying to hard. I am one of those people. LOL.

  22. Oh I love a good fedora! The only thing that annoys me is that where we live is so high up and windy, the wind grabs a hold of the brim & flies the hat away. The look isn’t quite the same with a strap around the chin, is it? 😉

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