June 5, 2017

Father’s Day gifts for all kinds of dads!

Father’s Day is coming soon and if your dad is anything like my dad he is really hard to shop for. Most dads fall into one of two categories- there is the “I don’t need anything” dad or the “really, I don’t need anything” dad. But I know that even though he doesn’t need anything, he deserves a fun, unique and most of all useful Father’s Day gift – so I set out on a quest to find some cool gifts in a variety of themes. And in true Faking Fancy style, none of these gifts are over $50!

Cool Father’s Day gifts he’ll actually love!

Father's Day

For the sci-fi/techie dad: Asos Star Trek shirt $23, Casio Calculator Chronograph watch $16

For the car-loving dad: TeNeues Luxury Toys book $32, Lucky Brand Nascar shirt $18

For the carnivore dad: Socksmith Spam men’s sock $10, The Little Bacon cookbook $13

For the liquor connoisseur dad: Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter $18, Trouva Granite Whiskey Stones $19

My dad actually falls under a couple of these categories and he doesn’t really have many any hobbies, so I hope these gift ideas come in handy for you as well! Remember, when your dad says, “Really you shouldn’t have- I don’t need anything”, just hug him and make him open it anyway – he’ll love it just because it’s from you.:)

Still at a loss? Check out my post here for even more fun and affordable gift ideas for dads!




Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which this means I get a small percentage of each product sold- this does not affect the price of the product for you the consumer.

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  1. Love these unique ideas! How funny are those SPAM socks. I love buying crazy socks as present!

  2. Fathers Day presents are never easy. Thank you for putting this list together. It gets the stress away from you to think what to buy!

  3. robin rue says:

    My husband has started wearing funky socks over this past year, so my kids are getting him some this year for Father’s Day. It makes it easier because he is one of those guys who has everything!!

  4. It gets harder every year. My dad and hubby have everything!! We now create our own crafts, and they seem to like this!!

  5. oh this is great timing – I was looking last night for my near-impossible-to-shop for hubbie for Father’s Day. I literally found his Christmas gifts STILL in the boxes last week! He wants and likes nothing new!

  6. Love unique ideas! My husband would love several things from this list, but the spock shirt would be his favorite!

  7. I had no idea they even made calculator watches anymore. The whiskey stones are something I need to get, it would make our drinks so much better!

  8. These are all great ideas for the dad in our lives. I think my husband would enjoy any of these items, really!

  9. Dads or men in general are a bit tough to shop for but these are awesome ideas! I could totally use this guide since I haven’t gotten my husband anything yet!

  10. You came up with some awesome gifts that I cannot wait to share with my husband. He will love the etched decanter.

  11. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Wow, these are some great options for my husaband. My dad has passed away but I think he too would have loved the Luxury Toys book.

  12. I think just about every guy I know would love the Bacon Cookbook. The Spam socks are hilarious for a dad with a sense of humor!

  13. I need a list for the dad who likes to keep things until they are worn out. lol. Every year I look for something that he will like and use, so this list is extremely helpful.

  14. So many fun ideas. I really like the Whiskey Decanter and stones. They are so unique and not something you see too often.

  15. These are some great gift ideas for dads on Father’s Day. My husband is usually difficult to buy gifts for so I need all the help I can get.

  16. These are awesome! I purchased the whisky stones for my husband and we LOVE them! Best part is they don’t water down my wine haha.

  17. These are great ideas! This year we are gifting my husband favorite coffee from a plantation we visited in Hawaii last year during an awesome family vacation.

  18. I love that whiskey decanter. Forget the hubs or father, I want it for myself! That globe shape is so cool! I love it!

  19. That globe decanter is so cool! It’s a really great gift idea. I kind of want that for myself.

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