December 4, 2015



Below are some questions and answers from previous reader comments and emails:

Why did you start Faking Fancy?

There are so many fashion and lifestyle websites that are amazing for inspiration and ideas -but I found that I could not remotely afford any of the clothing, furniture or decor they were promoting. This made “recreating” outfits or home projects that I loved very difficult!  I wanted a website that promoted super cute outfit ideas from Target, Old Navy and other affordable retailers, as well as affordable retail or DIY decor ideas that would work for any busy woman on a budget. And from this idea- Faking Fancy was born!

Is everything you post or promote under $50?

Not everything, but I try to stick to around $50 or under given that my website is dedicated to Fancy living on a budget. To me, anything over $50 is a A LOT of money and I always try to find a better deal for me and my readers!

I think I have a great idea for a post! How do I submit it?

Just email me at or comment below the post that gave you the inspiration. I will try to get back to you within 48 hours.

What are your favorite websites for stylish budget living?

My most favorite sites are listed in the left side bar of my website! However, that is not a complete list as there are SO many amazing frugal living sites out there. Send me an email if you are looking for a frugal site focused on a particular topic, such as healthy food or beauty bargains- I’ve got favorites for almost every subject!