December 4, 2015

About Me

about meIn my former life, I was a single girl making great money and spending my disposable income freely on facials, clothes and whatever snazzy home décor item came my way. Then I met my prince charming and his three amazing kids…fast forward three years later and I am part of this wonderful family – only now, instead of being one girl with an income that only needed to provide for me; I am part of a five-person, two income household. Even with prince charming making good money as well, the math does not work out to the same as it did in my former life. With hockey league fees, school clothes, three stockings under the tree, dance recital costumes… I soon realized there is not a lot of money left for the facials; clothes and the snazzy home décor that I used to be able to afford …or is there?

While I LOVE my new life, this blog is a result of my wanting to not give up any of the fancy things I used to be able to afford before I had a family. I see so many moms, real, step or otherwise, give up a sense of their former “fancy” selves in order to provide for their kids and their family. Ladies- you CAN live a fabulously fancy life with less time and money than you ever thought possible- and Faking Fancy is here to help!

We all know the term “faking it” is normally used in a negative way, but with Faking Fancy you’ll learn that “faking it” is a good thing! Living a fancy life on a budget with less time and effort- what’s not to love? So thanks for stopping by. If you have any topics you’d like to see in the future on this site please send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

Fancy air kisses,