March 23, 2017

Hate the way you look? Watch this popular beauty blogger’s video!

popular beauty

I came across the video below on the YouTube channel of Stephanie Lange, a popular beauty blogger. I started watching her videos because she has terrible skin and hooded eyes and does some of the most amazing makeup tutorials to address these issues. I don’t have any alerts or notifications set for her channel, but the minute I saw the title of this particular video I had to watch it.

Stephanie wears a bit more makeup than I personally prefer, but I still think she is just gorgeous. This video showed me how beautiful (and wise!) she is on the inside as well. If you have ever woke up thinking you hate the way you look or ended up thinking that way after comparing yourself to others (people you know, social media influencers,  celebrities, etc…) then this video is for you!

Isn’t she great? And don’t you feel better after watching this? Yes and yes, right?! Be sure to share this post with any girlfriends or female family members you feel need a boost. #truebeauty #girlpower #momboss #sherules



February 9, 2017

Drugstore dupes of La Mer moisturizer

I recently saw a fashion blogger I am obsessed with adore, Kendi from KendiEveryday, include a La Mer moisturizer in her list of top 2016 products.  She admittedly did not just run out and purchase this insanely expensive cream on her own volition, it was gifted to her at a PR event she attended (luuhcky!!). But apparently, it worked so well she HAD to buy it despite its astronomical price.

Now, having online stalked followed Kendi for years I know she is not reckless with her money. She is a smart entrepreneur who has endured her share of financial highs and lows and would never buy a product this expensive just over hype. That being said, I still can’t afford this reputable but ultra-expensive cream. I immediately hit Pinterest, Makeup Alley and Google to search for drugstore dupes of La Mer products.

Drugstore Dupes that will save you hundreds

Below are the top two drugstore products that were recommended the most as dupes for La Mer Creme de la Mer. I tried both and prefer the Pond’s, but only because it has a slightly less rich consistency, otherwise both worked beautifully.

drugstore dupes

Ponds Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream: I was introduced to this cream by a blogger and Youtuber I love, Rachel Talbot. Rachel’s skin always looks so glowy and flawless, and while you can edit photos on a blog, she also has beautiful skin on her Youtube videos, and there is only so much you can blur on video! The amazing thing with this dupe is, not only did Rachel like the Ponds cream as much as La Mer, she liked it better! The price difference is jaw-droppingly huge- a 3.4oz jar of Creme de la Mer is $465 (no, I will not get out) and you can get a 7oz jar of Rejuveness for around $11.

drugstore dupes

Nivea Creme:read a ton of reviews that recommended Nivea Creme as a Creme de la Mer dupe. Most of them pointed out how both products have a lot of the same ingredients. What is weird to me is that Nivea Creme is actually a body cream, so it’s really rich. Like buttercream frosting rich. But with an almost identical ingredient list, it more than qualifies as a drugstore dupe. Click here to get a gorgeous 13.6oz glass jar of Nivea for around $13.

Happy saving my Faking Fancy beauties!







January 9, 2017

The perfect winter skincare routine

I live in Colorado, where the humidity is pretty low year-round, particularly in the winter months. Lips get more chapped, fine lines become more pronounced…every part of your body that was slightly dry in the spring and summer now become positively parched. To help prevent my skin from looking and feeling like the Sahara desert every winter I worked hard to develop the perfect winter skincare routine. I looked for products that were not only effective but affordable. This girl can’t afford a $100 face cream and shoes food.

Winter skincare routine

Below are my favorite products for making sure my body is super-moisturized from head to toe!

winter skincare routine

Product details

Top row: Korea Moisture Your Face Mask $7.99, Dry Bar Mudslide Nourishing Hair Mask $15, Sephora Avocado Hand Mask $6, Middle: Baxter Hydrosalve Lip Balm $10, Bottom row: Shiseido Instant Fix Mask Eye Wrinkle Smoother $18, Boots Mediterranean Eden Luxuriously Rich Body Butter $9.99, Forever21 Botanical Choice Foot Mask $2.90.

I’ve heard beautiful women in their sixties and seventies with gorgeous skin claim their “secret” to a youthful glow was anything from vaseline to rice bran oil to $300 face serums. Personally, I think the secret is consistency. When you hear women like Jaclyn Smith and Christie Brinkley talk about skin care the one thing they have in common is a dedication and commitment to moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting their skin every day since their teen years.

Stick to a regular regime with products like the ones above and a brighter future (or at least brighter skin in the future) is yours for the taking!




January 5, 2017

Tutorials for quick and easy hairstyles

easy hairstyles

Are you tired of your hairstyle or lack of? Have you been wearing your hair in a ponytail for the past three months? If you answered yes to either of these questions (or to both like me), then this post is for you! I watched hours and hours of YouTube to find tutorials for easy hairstyles that were as simple as they were pretty. I can’t tell you how many tutorials with the term “easy” in the title involved a curling iron, a flat iron and six different styling products. Ummm, no. Next video…

Below are my favorite easy hairstyle tutorials, categorized by hair length:

Easy  hairstyles for short hair

These next two tutorials come from my favorite hair guru of all time, Kate at The Small Things Blog. She is so stinking cute, and an actual hairstylist she really knows her stuff. She started doing tutorials years ago when she had a shortish bob and now she has long hair, so she has a wide range of tutorials for various lengths. Her styles are all really pretty and her instructions are super easy to follow.

Easy hairstyles for medium length hair

Easy hairstyles for long hair



July 21, 2016

Genius makeup dupes with NYX products!

I looooovvve shopping for makeup.  Love, love, love it. Makeup stores are to me what New Year’s Eve is to most other people. A new start. A fresh beginning. The hope for something better..or at least the hope of finding the perfect nude lipliner… Places like Ulta and Sephora are just heaven for me. The bright colors, the pretty smells…and that’s just the sales people…

The downside to loving makeup for a frugal shopper such as myself is that you can spend $100 at most department stores or specialized makeup stores and STILL walk out with the teeniest, tiniest, ittiest, bittiest bag.  A bag that looks more at home on the arm of your daughter’s American Girl doll than in your hand.

drugstore makeup duplicates

I mean…jeez.

Genius makeup dupes

A few years ago I came across the NYX Cosmetics counter, and I have been obsessed with this high-quality, affordably priced makeup line ever since. Below are my top five NYX makeup dupes and their (more expensive) product counterparts. I dare you to make the switch if you are using one of the costlier products listed- and prepare to be amazed!


nyx dupes

Clockwise from top left:

  1. NYX Mood Lip Gloss $4.50 – duplicate of Smashbox O intuitive lipgloss $24.00
  2. NYX HD foundation $13.00 – duplicate of Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation $43.00
  3. NYX matte lipcream in Stockholm $5.99 – duplicate of MAC “Kinda Sexy” lipstick $17.00
  4. NYX Eyebrow Marker $9.99- duplicate of Anastasia Brow Pen $21.00
  5. NYX Photo-Loving Primer $14.99 – duplicate of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36.00

The difference in the totals for the products above is $48.47 for the NYX, and $92.53 for the other brands. So let’s say you just replaced these five products with the NYX version, and that you had to repurchase them about every three months…you’d save $370.00 a year and look JUST as good!  Now, you will still probably end up with a tiny bag to bring these products home in, but now that small bag represents the much smaller price you paid for the same amount of products that do the same thing and look the same on. And that my Faking Fancy friends, is a beautiful thing.

drugstore makeup dupes

Amen Calvin, amen.




*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post- all opinions are based on personal experience.

January 18, 2016

Top drugstore makeup dupes of fancy expensive products

drugstore makeup

I love going to sites like Pinterest and Makeup Alley to find drugstore makeup duplicates of expensive department store makeup. Nothing makes me feel better than when someone compliments my makeup or my skin, except of course knowing that I paid way less than the average woman on that makeup!  Below are my top three drugstore makeup dupes of department store makeup items:

  1. Makeup primer
    drugstore makeup

    Photo courtesy of The Drugstore Princess

    I was buying the travel-size Hourglass Veil primer at $20 because I could in no uncertain terms afford the $52 full-size version. So I was downright ecstatic when I saw that The Drugstore Princess did a review of drugstore versus department store duplicates for makeup primers and found a duplicate of my adored Hourglass primer! And at $16, the NYX version is $36 cheaper that the full-sized Hourglass version!!!  Hello awesome budget beauty find- and THANK YOU Drugstore Princess!

    2. Lipstick

    drugstore makeup

    Photo courtesy of

    I am a lipstick whore hoarder, I have about three of them in every purse I own at any given time. I like to have options okay? What if I am in the grocery store wearing my every day pink and the local fire department pulls up for their weekly chili haul? Mama has to whip out her fiery vixen pink lipstick stat..I mean, I need to represent the neighborhood step-mom and represent well yo. To afford this many lipsticks, I have to keep the price at $10 or under.  At only $4, NYX Fig is a lovely duplicate to the more expensive MAC Chatterbox.

    And speaking of fiery vixen pink…

    drugstore makeup

    Photo courtesy of

    I love me a bright pink lipstick! It is so great when you have little time to get ready, but still want a glam look. The best part about a bright lip is you need little else in terms of makeup, just a swipe of mascara and some groomed brow -and BAM, instant glamour. I think Wet-n-Wild lipsticks run between $1-2 at my local Walgreens versus the $.93 Style Glam has in their photo above. But even at $2 it is $14 less than the department store counterpart, MAC Pink Poodle.

    Not into saucy brights? Then this lipstick should fit the (lowered) bill perfectly…

drugstore makeup

Photo courtesy of

MAC’s Snob was one of my first MAC lipstick purchases, and of course when it ran out I just cried into a bottle of Jack and thought about selling one of my kidneys for another tube. Luckily, Revlon’s Pink Pout is an almost identical match (I actually like Pink Pout better as it is a tad deeper pink), and it is about $8 cheaper.

3. Foundation

drugstore makeup

Photo courtesy of

I saved the best for last. The experts say if there is one thing you should splurge on, it is foundation. However, if you don’t have the money to splurge  on ANY makeup item then that advice isn’t very helpful. I splurged on foundation for my wedding because, well, it was my WEDDING, and I wanted a foundation that photographed well.  Makeup Forever’s HD foundation got the best reviews in the photogenic area hands down.  When I ran out of the MUF foundation I did not have another $40 to splurge, so I did some homework and found out that Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation is an almost exact match in terms of coverage, wear and sheen. And it is only $13 (and that’s without my typical use of a coupon or drugstore special!).

Need more help in finding a drugstore dupe of your favorite foundation? Check out the Drop Dead Gorgeous blog post below. Still need help? Try browsing through the Budget Beauty Babe blog. True to its namesake, it is an amazing resource for all things related to affordable beauty!

drugstore makeup

Photo courtesy of


I hope you find this post helpful my Faking Fancy beauties! If you like the info in this post you’ll love my article on beauty school facials!





December 23, 2014

Easy homemade spa products!

easy homemade spa products

Homemade spa products are a not just great way to save money on beauty products; they also make really great gifts! Below are a few of my favorite easy homemade spa products- all of these items are super easy to make and will be appreciated by any woman in your life! Since all three of these items use similar ingredients, you can make multiples of ALL of three products for well under $25.  When you work out the cost per item, it turns out to be about $.025 per product – take that Sephora!

Easy homemade spa products

For Christmas year I made a lovely trio of homemade lip sugar scrub, tinted lip balm and cuticle butter, which I packaged in some connected screw top bead storage jars that I found at a local craft store. You can also package separately in cute little tins or jars that can be found at many healthy food stores or at online retails like this one. There are four ingredients in all three recipes that might not already be in your cupboard: sweet almond oil, Shea butter, beeswax, and fragrance or essential oil. The other ingredients most people have in their pantry already: brown sugar, white sugar, honey, coconut oil, a tube of lipstick or lip balm…

The tinted balm and cuticle cream give you the option of adding a fragrance or essential oil to make them smell pretty. I already had some essential oil of rose from a homemade face serum I make for myself, so I added that. If you do not already have an essential oil or can’t afford to buy one you could add vanilla or coconut extract to give it a yummy smell. And the recipes are super simple too, no double-broilers or other fancy equipment needed!

easy homemade spa productsAs you can see from the picture on the right, I also made some relaxing “Ocean Spa” bath salts. Aside from the “Ocean Breeze” fragrance oil I had to order online for about $3, the other two items were all in my cupboard already- blue food coloring and Epsom salts. And the best part? Not only is this recipe incredibly cheap to make, it is insanely easy. Just throw about 3-4 cups of Epsom salt in a big bowl, add 2-3 drops of food coloring based on your fragrance oil, and then 4-5 drops of fragrance oil. Mix it up until the fragrance and coloring are evenly dispersed and spoon into little baggies. I simply used the cheap, twist-tie sandwich bags and tied them with matching colored ribbon. I literally think the cost of each bath salt bag is like $.15 per serving. And people LOVE them. I always make enough for leftovers because nothing beats a lovely, light blue bath that smells like a high-end, seaside spa!

Giving gifts that inspire women to take a time out and take care of themselves makes me happy. No matter what we have going on in our lives, we should always make time for a little “me time”, especially around the holidays. Whether it is a babysitting coupon, homemade truffles or a tinted lip balm, homemade gifts made from the heart spread the joys of the season like no other.



May 21, 2014

Faking a Fancy Spa Pedicure…Easy DIY!

There are certain things I allow myself to splurge on, like my monthly massage subscription (at $40 a month it’s well worth the health and wellness benefits).  Even as affordable as the massages are, I wanted to save money in other areas to compensate, so I gave up my monthly spa pedicures. That said, I do not want to end up with Boomerang toes. (Netflix the movie if you don’t know what I am talking about, it’s a CLASSIC.) So, instead of salon pedi’s, I now do my pedicures at home. At first, I thought that I would totally miss the pampering of a spa pedicure. I mean, giving myself a pedicure could not be as relaxing as someone else giving me a pedicure, can it?

A Luxurious Spa Pedicure- At home!

Not only can a home pedicure be as relaxing as a spa one, it can be even Fancier! DIY home pedicures have one HUGE advantage over salon pedicures, beyond the obvious price difference- and that is complete customization.

spa pedicure

If you want everything to smell like your favorite Bath & Body Works scent, like Japanese Cherry Blossoms, Vanilla Creamsicle or my fav Paris scent above, buy all of the products in that scent and have at it. BBW usually has buy three or $15 anyway, which works out to about $.10 cents per use if you break it down per bottle. At a salon, they just slap whatever they have on you and if you don’t like the smell of Minty Mango or Cyprus Pine, then too bad.

Also,  you can listen to or watch whatever you want during the pedicure at home. Half the time I walk into my local mani/pedi place they have the news on TV or some teeth-grindingly bad, slow jazz muzak playing. During my at-home “spa pedicure”, I like to set the lights in my bathroom on low, light some scented candles and play some relaxing spa music on Pandora. It’s like I’m at a high-end spa without the high-end price tag!

You know when you go to get a pedicure at a salon and they ask if you want to add a mask, a scrub, an exfoliating treatment to the soles of your feet, etc..? And of course, these are usually $5-10 each, over the original price, so in the end, your $26 pedicure is now costing upwards of about $40 plus tip. At home, I can go crazy and do ALL of the “extras”- cash and guilt free! One of my favorite parts of my home pedicure is when I put a  mask on my legs and wrap them in a warm towel.
spa pedicure

There are foot masks available now that come with thin plastic foot socks. My favorite is the Lavender Foot Mask from Sephora. Sometimes I add a few drops of soothing essential oils to the warm towel…like Lavender or Peace & Calming. If my honey is around I break out my printed foot reflexology map and ask him for a customized foot rub, and, perfect man that he is he almost always complies. You can do this yourself if you don’t have anyone else nearby to do it for you, add some essential oils or lotion and go to town…ahhhh, heaven.

Spa pedicure

Hit the right spot using this handy chart!

The final step? I put on my fluffy bathrobe (or linen robe in the summer) and pour myself a glass of wine (or two or four).

spa pedicure

I LOVE pink wine. Call it “Blush” or “Rose”, heck call it whatever you want. It’s light on the palate and it’s PINK. There isn’t a girlier wine on the planet and it’s perfect to sip during a spa treatment.  My favorite is the Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato above. It’s sooo pretty and only $10 a bottle.  The Sophia Blanc de Blancs is a sparkling white, but it comes in pretty little pink cans. Individual portions make it easy when it’s just you and you don’t want to open an entire bottle. Easy on the vino or your polish job will turn out like crap into a sloppy mess.

spa pedicure

My favorite polishes are by Zoya because they go easy on the nasty chemicals that are in most nail polishes. Click here for a fantastic step-by-step video that shows how to give yourself an amazing spa pedicure at home.

Pampering yourself does not have to cost a fortune. Simply don a soft robe, grab your glass of sparkling pink wine, lower the lights, and get ready to romance your toes with a Faking Fancy spa pedicure!



April 16, 2014

Beauty school drop out…luxurious facials on a budget

luxurious facials

Photo courtesy of

Actually, I am a beauty school drop IN. I used to get relaxing pedicures twice monthly and luxurious facials about once a month. I LOVE getting facials. Not just for the benefits to my skin, but to me, they are just as relaxing as a full-body massage. And the price? While I used to pay about $60 for a facial at my local salon (a pretty good price considering most salons charge $75 and up) my local beauty school in Colorado Springs charges…drumroll please….(are you rolling your tongue or tapping on your desk? It’s worth it I swear…) $17.00 for an hour-long facial. Bananas! And every month the school runs specials on services, like a $15 pumpkin facial in October (it was Chocolate in February!).

That’s right folks, I can get an hour-long facial for less than half the national average, and you can too if you have a beauty school that offers client services in your area! My local beauty school performs their facials in private, individual rooms, so it really is like a real, honest-to-goodness, fancy salon facial. I have been to beauty schools where they perform the facial in a large room with a lot of beds, so if grandma falls asleep next to you, you have to listen to her snoring. But if I only have to spend about $25 on a $100 facial I will take some snoring – even better, bring your iPod with some downloaded spa music…ahhhh.

Not sure if your town/city has a beauty school that offers fabulously discounted services? Try this link HERE or google beauty schools in your city and click on the “salon services” link on their site.

Fancy facials a thing of the past? I don’t think so ladies!! Now get out there and glow!



P.S. If you like this post you’ll love my post, Drugstore Dupes of Expensive of Fancy Makeup!

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