December 26, 2016

Get out of debt in 2017! Top 5 budgeting blogs

Are you one of the millions of American’s who put at least 50% of their Christmas expenses on credit cards? Or perhaps your debt has been slowly adding up the past year(s)- to the point of being overwhelming, all-consuming, and just plain SCARY? If you said yes (or simply nodded) then this post is or you!  The following 5 budgeting blogs helped me crawl out of debt and learn how to be smarter with money and personal finance in general.  I know they can do the same for you!

budgeting blogs

Proof that debt ages you…this was me six years ago, before I learned to budget.

Top 5  Budgeting Blogs
  1. Living Well Spending Less: blog founder Ruth Soukup is a self-proclaimed former shopaholic. She started her site as a way of maintaining accountability with her new, smarter money habits, and as a resource to others who are also looking to clean up their financial act. She is also the founder the Elite Blogging Academy (EBA), an absolute must for any blogger looking to grow their blog from a hobby to a business.
  2. The Busy Budgeter This is one of my favorite blogs overall. Blogger Rosemarie Groner’s paradigm on money and how it should be spent changed my life. She is also big on staying organized in order to save money, and her organizational ideas and tricks are killer. She also has a blogging series with articles and online courses for starting, growing and earning an income with a blog. Visit her website and sign up for the 90-day budgeting challenge – it’s free!
  3. The Budget Mama: Need a budgeting planner for 2017? Check out blogger Jessi Fearon’s 2017 Real Life on a Budget Planner for only $20! In addition to a 2017 calendar, this comprehensive planner has monthly budget pages, monthly expense tracking pages, goal tracking, monthly check-ins, debt repayment tracking, savings tracking, bill pay tracking, holiday budget planning and more. Be sure to check out the rest of her blog- she’s so savvy and sincere it almost makes budgeting less “blech”!
  4. Barefoot Budgeting: Blogger Kim Elizabeth posts all kinds of tips, tricks, and tools for both saving and making money. Her “Daily Deals” series is a GREAT resource for online and in-store discounts and freebies. Barefoot Budgeting also has a Facebook group where even more helpful resources are shared!
  5. Thrifty & Chic: This is a great site if you are into home renovation and decor DIY projects. Blog founder Alicia’s favorite places to shop are Target & Home Depot, and her projects are always both super chic and super easy!

It is NEVER too late to start a budget, learn how to save and/or make more money, and get off the “my debt makes my chest tight” train. If I can do it, anyone can!



June 27, 2014

Popping tags…thrift shop all the way to the bank!

Okay, so I won’t be stealing your grandpa’s style, or even your grandma’s, but I have been scoring some amazing deals at my local thrift shop. What started as a volunteering position at my local thrift store, because I wanted to give back to my community, quickly became an avenue for discovering some smoking hot deals on clothing, kids’ toys, and home goods.  Now I love thrift shopping!

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking because I used to think it too. Clothes from a thrift shop? Yuck. The clothes are always out of style and they always look used. While that might be true for some of the clothing you get from many of the larger charitable organizations, most thrift shops are much pickier about what they take into their inventory. Even the larger charity organization stores like Arc and Goodwill, are getting better on what they will and will not resale.

Thrift Shop Tips

Interesting in getting into thrift shopping, but not sure where to start? Check out these awesome tips and tricks below!

Thrift shop 101: The complete guide

Thrift Store Tips for Vintage Crafters

Thrifting to make money

My recent Faking Fancy thrift shop finds
thrift shop

This preppy Ralph Lauren oxford shirt, which I plan to pair with some boyfriend jeans and a cheap (read knock-off) pair of Converse.

thrift shop

This Ann Taylor sweater will be a perfect “transition” sweater as Colorado is famous for its bipolar weather, where it’s hotter than Hades at noon, but cool enough to require a cover up at night.

thrift shop

This Apt 9 (I think that’s Target?) blouse. I LOVE this blouse. I probably wear it once a week. It is a great layering piece and goes with jeans, olive skinny pants, and black stretchy capris.

The best part? The price range for blouses and sweaters at my local thrift shop, Hangers, is between $3-$5 no matter WHAT designer or brand. I have purchased Banana Republic, Black House White Market and other name brand tops for $5 or less!! I know I sound like a TJ Maxx commercial, but even good ole TJ can’t compete with these prices.

I lied. (Sometimes I do that, don’t judge.) The best part is not the rock bottom price, it is when someone who is wearing an $88 Black House White Market sweater and $125 Hudson jeans compliments me on my outfit when it cost me (both top and bottom) about $40. IT’S. THE. BEST. Did you know that if you charge an $8 martini to a credit card because you spent so much money on your outfit that you have no cash left for a drink that that one drink can end up costing you over $25 with the compounding interest? Even worse, if you charged your $125 jeans and paid the minimum payment on your credit card for seven years, the actual cost of those jeans with compounding interest will end up being over $300?? Popping tags is looking pretty good now isn’t it?

The king of popping tags- Macklemore!

The king of popping tags- Macklemore!

So what are you waiting for ladies? Find your local thrift shop and channel your inner Macklemore!



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