October 4, 2014

Cute angel theme party for tween girls!

My stepdaughter Avery celebrated her eleventh birthday party recently. Now, I looove throwing parties; however, when she told me she wanted an angel theme party for her birthday I was a little concerned. Other than ordering some party store wings or halos I wasn’t sure what else I could do to convert our modern day home into a heavenly paradise for a bunch of little girls. When I initially searched Pinterest or ideas I entered “angel themed birthday” in the search field, but all of the results (or a majority) were party ideas that centered on the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Um, no. That was one of my first lessons on being specific in my Pinterest search! My “angel themed party for girls” search yielded better results and gave me lots of inspiration for food, decor and more!

Cute ideas for an angel theme party
angel theme party

The girls checking out the rain on the patio during the party- they looked so cute!

The angel wings available online were all pretty small, like ages 3-6 years small, so I decided to make my own wings for her. I got this amazing video off of Youtube (video here) that shows how to a make a pair that looks just like it came off a Victoria Secret runway! Of course, they were much more PG on my stepdaughter, but don’t think I won’t be donning them for an adult “Angels & Demons” party or Halloween shindig!

angel theme party

My DIY angel wings turned out beautifully!

So we wouldn’t have a bunch of leftover cake for me to eat later over the trash can, a la Miranda in S&TC, I made just a half-dozen birthday cupcakes for the four girls to devour. Avery loves strawberry-flavored cake so I used my grandma’s secret recipe, similar to the one here.

angel theme party

I wanted to top the cupcakes with cotton candy and fluff it up like a cloud coming off the cupcake, but none of the grocery or retail stores in my area had those cotton candy buckets that were everywhere around Easter. However, as luck would have it, my BFF Jen had sent me these Fairy themed cupcake papers and toppers because she thought Avery would like them. She was right! Because the “fairies” had wings on them they looked like gorgeous little angels on top of the cupcakes! I didn’t even think to look on amazon for the cotton candy, but they totally have it and it’s only $5!

I also bought a few bouquets of baby’s breath because they looked like the most angelic item in my grocery store floral department. They were also the cheapest!

angel theme party

The batting really did look like clouds!(Ignore our popcorn ceiling..)

Next up was overall ambiance. I discovered these amazing DIY “clouds” on Pinterest. (The instructions are here.) I had cotton batting leftover from some pillows I had stuffed a while ago, but it’s pretty cheap to buy at any craft store or online. We also had fishing wire in the garage, so all I had to buy was some clear thumbtacks. I then enlisted the kids to help me shape some lovely cumulous cloud shapes by pulling and stretching out the cotton batting. Right before the girls arrived I put some harp music on (don’t you love Pandora) and lowered the lights for a truly heavenly atmosphere!

angel theme party

The girls were asked to come dressed in white to fit the Angel theme. They looked so cute rocking out in their white outfits and halos!

I didn’t realize it when I ordered them, but the LED lights in the halos I got turned out to be multi-colored. Why you would ever want a rainbow colored halo I don’t know, but the girls had fun dancing to themed rock music (Heaven by Warrant anyone?!) and making friendship bracelets (from this kit I picked up at Michaels with a 40% coupon). All while wearing their cute, flashing halos.

Angel theme party with heavenly success!

Was the party an overall success? Absolutely, the girls oohed and ahhhed and had an amazing time. Were there glitches? Ohh yeah. I wanted dry ice so the punch would be “cloud-like”, but the only store in town that carried it had their refrigeration break down that day, and they used all the dry ice to keep frozen food cold. What are the ^%%#* dang odds of that?? Apparently pretty good. But when I couldn’t find cotton candy and the dry ice sitch happened I had to calm the crazy Type A party planner in me down and realize that even if this was an adult party, guests don’t realize what is missing if you don’t tell them!! It only matters to you. Once you learn to let it go and move on to Plan B the less stressed you are and the more fun everyone has!

Remember, you CAN party like a rock star on a limited budget! You just to get creative and perform a little DIY. You also have to develop a thick skin on your fingertips – those glue guns can be tricky!



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