March 11, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day ideas for food, fun, decor and more!

St. Patrick’s Day used to be one of those holidays I did not pay much attention to. I mean, I dressed in some green to avoid getting goosed at school by a perverted boy, and then later in life by a perverted co-worker, but I wasn’t much for decorating or seeking out green-colored food or decor. Then I married a man who is part Irish, and my whole paradigm on St. Patrick’s Day changed. Now I need to represent yo! But you know me, my darling Faking Fancy readers, I don’t just throw out some green M&M’s and call it a day. Nooo sir. I have to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a fancy way! But I needed  St. Patrick’s Day ideas for clothing, food, drinks and decor that was cheap and easy, like my cousin Cheryl…(Just kidding, she’s married now. And what happens in Lake Havasu…)

Cute, affordable St. Patrick’s Day outfits

First things first I’m a realist..(my blog’s fight song!) and I know that NO ONE looks good in head-to-toe green. I’m also not big on buying holiday-themed” clothing you can only wear one day of the year. Using the pieces below for inspiration, you can get all gussied up for St. Patty’s in style, without purchasing specific St. Patrick’s themed wear.

We all know the St. Patrick’s Day clothing rule, as long as you are wearing something green you are good. I love this outfit inspo collage above from Shoes & Tricks on Tumbler. Her site asked me for a password so I couldn’t get to the sources for each piece. But I found this super cute long sleeve blouse and this flirty cap sleeve blouse, both green and both only $11! If you aren’t going to wear it often try your local Goodwill or consignment store for green clothing that is even more affordable.

st patrick's day

This outfit from Polyvore is St. Patty’s Day perfection to me, minus the Tom’s. I hate those shoes. I’ve got some gray slip-on Vans I’d pair with it instead. Brown riding boots or white espadrilles would look super cute too, depending on your local weather.

Easy St. Patrick’s Day Beauty

Last year I took some green-colored hair powder my stepdaughter had and threw a streak in my under layers. It looked cool, yet totally mom-appropriate. (You can see it in my profile pic on Facebook this month!) If you don’t have green eyeshadow or nail polish on hand don’t sweat, cheap versions of each are found at the Dollar Store or even at Walgreens. If you are doing a green eye keep the rest of your face neutral, no matter how many people tell you a red lip is totally Irish. Unless you are twenty-three and dancing at the Irish festival, it’s just tooo much.

st patrick's day

How great is this Irish flag eye look? If you have hooded eyes like me the look is even more subtle and only shows when you blink or look down. The link went to t-shirt shop, but the look doesn’t really require a tutorial.

st patrick's day

I also loved this subtle St. Patrick’s eye from iheartmakeupart at  This look is pretty and versatile enough to wear out on a non-holiday as well!

st. patrick's day

With the nail art pens they have on the market now it’s possible to create all kinds of cool and creative nail looks, but I usually don’t have the time for anything too intricate. The fun and sparkly green & gold mani above is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and doesn’t get any easier!

Quick and Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Food

I’ve never been a fan of the cabbage and corned beef dinner that is the normal dinner fare for most St. Patrick’s celebrations. But I found a few ideas and recipes for meals and snacks that are delicious AND use the same elements found in more traditional St. Patrick’s Day meals.

st patrick's day

Who doesn’t love sliders? These genius little sandwiches from look totally amazing, and, if you use potato rolls as the buns, they could not be more Irish!

This recipe for corned beef Reubens caught my eye for two reasons. One, I love Reuben sandwiches! And two, these are made in a crock-pot so you don’t have to slave over a hot stove all day.  An added bonus is the house will smell sooo good all day long!

st patrick's day

Dessert doesn’t get any easier than this scrumptious puppy chow! Just set some plastic cups and a scoop next a big bowl of it and let people scoop their own chow. Less mess and only one bowl to wash!

st patrick's day

Unless you want to hike it on down to McDonald’s sometime after dinner, making your own shamrock shakes is a MUST for St. Patrick’s Day dessert! Add some Irish cream to a separate pitcher for the grown-ups!

Fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day decor

I’m still not big on decorating for a holiday that is celebrated for only one day (versus Christmas, Halloween, and Easter). But I’ll frame some cute free printables like these ones and throw out some easy DIY decor with items. Most of the decor below can be made last minute and with items you probably already have around the house!

st patrick's day

Irish decor doesn’t get any cuter than these beer mug centerpieces filled with gold water gems and mint carnations! Carnations are super cheap and you probably already have the mugs, so the only investment is the water gems which can be found at any at amazon, any craft store and even Walmart.

st. patrick's day

The beauty of pillar vases and candles is you can use a huge variety of cheap items to fit the St. Patrick’s Day theme. The vase filler above is just dried peas, but you could also use green candy or beads. I once filled a couple of vases with coins from our vacation jar and added green candles. You could also grab a bunch of small pebbles from your neighbor’s xeriscaped lawn (shhh) and spray paint them gold. Add some green Dollar Store candles, et voila!!

St. Patrick’s Family Activities

st patrick's day

The Leprechaun toilet visit above is totally happening at my house! My kids are all teenagers but they will still find it hilarious. Check out for 22 other fun and easy ideas for kid-friendly activities.

st patrick's day

Yep. Again this leprechaun beard game is definitely happening at our house. I don’t care HOW messy it gets. And knowing my stepsons, whip cream is guaranteed to get everywhere. But laughing until my stomach hurts and the resulting photo opportunities will make it well worth the mess!

I hope these fun, easy and affordable ideas help to make your St. Patrick’s Day the best ever!



February 21, 2017

Clever & easy small bathroom organizing ideas!

Do you have a bathroom or powder room that has a pedestal sink that doesn’t offer any storage? Or maybe it’s just a very small under sink cabinet? I have both issues in my home, so I decided to look up some clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas. I say clever because I didn’t want the normal “shelves with baskets of towels” kind of ideas. I wanted organizing solutions that are not only useful but unique, creative, and pretty!

Clever and easy small bathroom organizing ideas

Repurposed crate shelves

small bathroom

I love this idea for two reasons! One, recycling or repurposing anything is usually much cheaper than buying something new. Two, the crates offer so much more shelf space than your typical bookshelves. You could also easily paint or whitewash them to match your bathroom decor scheme.

Full-length mirror cabinet
small bathroom

Source: Shabby2Chic

How brilliant is this mirror storage cabinet?? It’s obviously more involved than nailing in a couple of shelves, but the storage payoff is well worth the extra labor. The fact that she was able to create it for only $100 is so impressive. Mirrors are a great way to instantly make any space look bigger, and full-length mirrors double the impact!

“Floating” glass shelves
small bathroom

Source: Stylecaster

Because it is clear, glass shelving creates the optical illusion of taking up less space than shelves made of wood or other opaque material. Stack several of these glass shelves above your toilet or on a side wall above your sinks to create more space seemingly “out of thin air”.

Make a small bathroom LOOK bigger
small bathroom

Source: Home Bunch

You can also use certain design elements to create the look of more space without adding shelves or other storage items. Click here for eight super creative ideas from Life as Mama for making a small bathroom look bigger.

Do you have any unique ideas for making a small bathroom look bigger? Share in the comments below!




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February 14, 2017

Pretty Valentine’s DIY Decor for pennies!

I went to unpack my Valentine’s Day decor and realized that, because it is the traditional red and pink, it didn’t quite match the color scheme of our kitchen and dining room. (Insert gasp and look of horror here!) I knew I needed to come up with a clever DIY decor solution for two reasons. One- finding Valentine’s Day decor in an aqua/blue color scheme was going to be impossible. And two- I didn’t want to spend the money on more Valentine’s Day decor, especially since I only have it up for a few days anyway.

So I hiked on down to my craft area and found some (as sheer coincidence) pale aqua, lime green and light blue scrapbooking paper I had leftover from a wedding I staged last year. I also grabbed some glue and my scallop-edged scissors. Not finding any string or twine in the craft room, I headed to the laundry room and took some white thread out of my sewing kit. My final stop was my dining room table where I eyed my supplies and started brainstorming Valentine’s DIY decor ideas.

DIY Decor for pennies

diy decor

I looked up from my dining table and it hit me! Nothing is prettier or has more impact than hanging chandelier decor. For Xmas, I hung leftover metallic ornaments from my dining room chandelier and they had such a lovely and dramatic effect! My supplies not so neatly in place, I began cutting hearts out of the scrapbooking paper with the scalloped scissors. I have zig-zag-edged scissors also, both of my special-edged scissors work really well to create a more finished look when cutting out paper crafts. Once I had about 30 hearts (and a cramped hand) I got down to business in making the heart garland. I set a heart on a 12 to 15 inch piece of string and glued another heart on top. I repeated this process down each piece of string and then tied the hanging garlands to the chandelier. The whole process took me less than an hour and the result is so pretty!

diy decor

The cost of this craft was free because I already had all of the supplies on hand, but even if you don’t have the right color scrapbooking paper you can still get 4 sheets (the amount I used) for about $.25- .50 each. You also don’t have to use scalloped scissors for this. Most people have scissors, thread, and glue at home already, which is what makes this craft extremely cheap and perfect for a last minute decor craft!

Is your house lacking pretty Valentines’s Day decor? Try this simple and fun DIY decor project above!





February 1, 2017

Glam Up Your Small Office Or Cubicle!

small office

Working in a small office or cubicle can be depressing by itself, forget that most corporate offices and cubicles have the design & color scheme of “super-neutral meets uber-bland”.  Luckily, there are a TON of unique and creative ways you can glam up your workspace!  Even if you work in a corporate environment where the walls, carpet, and furniture colors are already picked out for you, you can still give your office or cubicle a pretty makeover with some gorgeous, yet functional desk accessories and office supplies.

Below are my favorite small office and cubicle design ideas. I’ve also linked up to several resources for super cute desk accessories, because as Trudy says in the movie “Steel Magnolias”, “The only thing that separates us from animals is our ability to accessorize.”

Pretty Design Ideas for a Small Office

I love this pink and gold color scheme! It’s girlie and sophisticated at the same time. It looks like this office area is in a hallway or on the side of a guest room.  Proof you do not need an entire room in order to have a proper, functioning office!

small office

I also love this pale aqua and silver color scheme. How clever is this closet-turned-office idea! It’s tiny but sooo pretty, and again, FUNCTIONAL!

Pretty Decor Ideas for Cubicles

Even if you are working in a cubicle versus an actual office you can STILL transform your workspace from dull and boring to pretty and chic. Here are a couple of glamorous cubicle makeovers:

I don’t know what’s more impressive- the overall transformation of this corporate cubicle from “drabby geek” to “shabby chic”, or the fact that they did it for only $50!

small office

Talk about another amazing transformation– I can’t even tell this gorgeous workspace was once a cubicle! I mean, standing in the hallway surrounded by other cubicles you might get wise to it, but step inside and you are instantly transported to a gorgeous and zen-like oasis.

Affordable chic desk and office supplies

So where do you find desk accessories and office supplies that are affordable, useful AND fun to look at? Your local hardware store is the first place to stop! A $4 can of spray paint can magically transform Dollar Store or thrift shop items into some very expensive and designer-looking office decor.

small office

These fancy looking bookends are just large rocks spray painted gold. Talk about frugal design genius!

small office

Another cheap crafting item that can have amazing transformative powers is washi tape! These plain, white file holders become positively Kate Spade-esque when some gold washi tape is added.

small office
Not into crafting or DIY? The gold stapler above from Hobby Lobby is only $4- throw in one of their 40% off coupons and it’s almost free! The Threshold, Sugar Paper and Nate Berkus lines from Target also have some very cute and affordable desk accessories and office supplies.

You don’t have to be a trust fund baby to have an office so glamorous it looks like you work there just to keep from getting bored. Simply incorporate a few of the super-cool and creative decor ideas above and start calling everyone “dahhhling”. (Don’t really do the last part, unless your boss is a huge Green Acres fan…)



December 28, 2016

Best Small Space Organization Hacks

My house was built in the 1970s, which apparently was before the advent of the walk-in closet or open floor plans. There are actually quite a few closets throughout the house, the problem is they are all insanely tiny. My three and a half bathrooms are also on the smaller side. Because of these small space issues, I started researching and collecting organizational ideas and tips for making the most out of a small space about a year ago. Below are (in my opinion) the BEST small space organizational hacks.

Top Small Space Organizational Hacks
Small Bedrooms

Design blogger MinYang Lu of Haive shows us the incredible power of paint in a small space through her compilation of small bedroom makeovers. She also illustrates the optical illusion certain patterns can have. Check out the difference wall-length curtains do to expand the room below. I’d think it would make it smaller but it’s the opposite!

small space

I also like this “closet to changing room” idea for a small nursery from Charlie & Chooka, and the corner desk and floating shelves from Shanty to Chic that turns a tiny teen room into a multi-functional and fun space!

Small Bathrooms

This over-the-toilet shelf idea below from Rachel, a contributor for the online DIY mecca Hometalk, is just one of many brilliant ideas in her small bathroom makeover.

small space

If you have a towel rack over your toilet like I do in my kids’ bathroom and powder room, consider moving it to the back of the bathroom door, as blogger Lilly from Listotic has done below. (Lilly is so amazing she’s got two ideas in this post!)

small space

Small Kitchens

Not a lot people can afford to renovate their kitchen, and for some people with loadbearing walls lining their kitchen, it’s structurally impossible to make a kitchen bigger. The latter was the case in our kitchen, so I had to find ways to make the most out of the space we already had. Luckily I found some creative ways to make our smallish kitchen much more organized and functional! Below are my favorite solutions for a small kitchen.

I love this under cabinet shelf below from DIY blogger Jen Caputo. While under cabinet shelves are not a new idea, the fact that these shelves match the cabinets in material and color makes the overal design much more seamless and chic!

small space

When I am frustrated with a small space I tend to fall back on hanging things inside of cabinet doors with 3M peelable hooks. But when I saw this idea from Listotic for hanging sandwich bag boxes with simple thumbtacks I was almost embarrassed I hadn’t thought of it on my own! I also love the pretty simplicity of this baking rack storage idea from Amanda at IamBaker. My favorite kitchen space saver, however, is this outer cabinet shelf idea from Ashley at MyPerfectNest. When she ran out of space in her kitchen she simply created more space with floating shelves and baskets…genius!

Small Closets

Built-in closet organizers can be a godsend for those of us with small closets. Take a look at the impressive transformation of this small closet before and after from Abby at JustAGirlAndHerBlog. It really highlights the point that sometimes the best space saver (or finder) is proper organization, pure and simple.

Another favorite source of home design and decor inspiration comes from Lela at InTheNewHouse. Her linen closet makeover is an example of how sometimes organizing does not always lead to more space, but it can make a normally cluttered or sloppy space look much more streamlined and clean. As you can see from Lela’s after shot below, you can even have some wasted space, but still make a space look better. I don’t know about you gals, but my linen closet can look very pretty lined with my neatly folded towels and sheets, but it all becomes a flaming hot mess once one the kids rummages for a washcloth or pillowcase. The basket solution is perfect- everything looks so pretty and sorted, I don’t care how messy the inside of the baskets are!

small space

While it’s true you can’t put lipstick on a pig (although seriously, who would want to?), you can transform a small space from cluttered and unsightly to smart and orderly by using just a few of the amazing organizational hacks above.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and organized 2017!




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March 22, 2016

Top 5 Frugal & Easy Easter Decor Ideas!

easy easter decorBeing a true girlie girl, I LOVE the traditional color scheme for Easter decor. The baby blues, the chickadee yellows, and of course, the flirty PINKS! As I have mentioned in past posts, being on a strict budget the past few years has prevented me from decorating for holidays other than Christmas. What changed things? The magical world of Pinterest! I found so many cute ideas for Easter decorations and activities, but if I listed ALL of the ones I liked, this post would be about four pages long. No bueno. To keep things simple I created a list of the top 5 frugal and easy Easter decor ideas.

The criteria for my top 5? They not only had to be adorable and/or tres chic, but also innovative. We’ve all seen tulips in a vase of pastel candies (yawnnnn), I wanted ideas that were innovative and modern, but with a shabby chic (or just plain chic) vibe. Finally, they had to be simple to make and consist of inexpensive, easy to find items.  A decor idea is not frugal if one of the $.50 items to create it takes two months and a trip to eight different thrift stores to find!

Top 5 Easter Decor Ideas! 

easy easter decor

How gorgeous are these gold glitter eggs? Glitter makes everything better. Everything. Take a scary, slimy snake and sprinkle him with glitter – et voila, not so scary!  I’m not saying you should try this in real life anytime soon, but trust me. Glitter = better.  I also love the metallic gilded eggs Martha Stewart makes in this easy to follow video.

easy easter decor

To make this gorgeous springtime centerpiece even cheaper, I would skip the Brussels sprouts & floral foam cage (just poke a stick through the foam that can sit on the vase opening). And Walmart has some pretty & affordable fake flowers!

easy easter decor

This centerpiece is super easy to make. You can “speckle” some real or fake Easter eggs, buy one bunch of baby’s breath and grab a loose-woven basket or wire bucket you already have at home. Sooo cheap and easy, just like some of my friends. Totally kidding! I only have one friend like that. She lives in Canada. You don’t know her.

easy easter decor

Love this idea! Just stick Cheetos in clear party bags and tie them with green ribbon or rafia. It doesn’t get easier. Bonus- you get to eat the Cheetos after Easter. Yeeeaaahhhsss.

easy easter decor

I HAD to add this cocktail, even though technically it is not considered by most weirdos people to be decor. But it’s so pretty and colorful. For the fifteen ten three minutes it would last after being made, I would definitely consider it decor…of course, after two more of these beauties, I might consider the dishes in my sink as decor…

Do you have any cheap and clever decor ideas for Easter? Share them in the comments below!



January 5, 2016

Linkspiration: The best blogs for Faking a Fancy living

best blogs

Throughout the course of running this blog I have come across hundreds of online tools and resources dedicated to helping people save money, get their personal finances in order, find the best shopping bargains, and live comfortably within or beneath their means. What better way for me to share the love than to share the best frugal websites and blogs for living a Fancy lifestyle on a budget!

Need outfit inspiration from a site that doesn’t have a girl dressing in head to toe Dolce & Gabanna? As if! Or perhaps you need to update your bathroom but can’t afford a contractor?  Maybe you are just looking for new ways to save or make money this year? The following sites are the BEST at helping with these topics- and more. The blog authors are funny and smart and most of all genuine. No preaching or haughty talk here- just plain good advice and down to earth inspiration.


Favorite budget fashion sites
best blogs

A couple of super chic outfits from Lilly Style.

The Mommy Stylist: I love this site because it offers fashion tips for moms with “real bodies”, not skinny hipster twenty-somethings obsessed with thigh gap. Blog owner Kristin Hull posts a series of outfit compilations called “What to wear” for actual events and activities that moms attend or partake in, such as a school choir concert or brunch & errands. Please note: these outfits are NOT your mom’s outfits, at least not my mom (sorry mom!). You won’t find any high-waist jeans, seasonal sweaters or sweatpants.  Kristin’s outfit arrangements are so stylish and chic- think Kate Moss meets Jessica Alba. Her site is the bible for any fashion-loving mom (or at least it SHOULD be!).

Fash Boulevard: Blog owner Anna James is so fashionable that she caught the eye of style icon Lauren Conrad and is now a regular contributor on her site. It’s not hard to see why after checking out Anna’s blog. If I ever need outfit inspiration (which is at least 2-3 times a week) I check Fash Boulevard first. Anna is always coming up with the cutest, coolest outfit combos. A black t-shirt with a pink & white striped skirt? Why didn’t I think of that?  Check out her outfit posts for the past week and I guarantee you will find a fresh, new way to combine items you currently own. She’s genius!

Lilly Style: Like the Mommy Stylist, the outfits that blog owner Lilly puts together are always classic, chic and “age appropriate”. She has a unique knack for mixing the trendy and the timeless into outfits that capture that elusive “I’m stylish without trying” look.  She rarely includes expensive designer items in her posts, and if she does include a designer or “top shelf” store item (read Nordstroms or Top Shop), it is usually purchased from a current sale, of which she shares the link to share the savings!

Favorite DIY sites
best blogs

One of the many amazing makeovers in the Live Love DIY home tour.

Live Love DIY: I cannot express enough how much I love this site! Blog owner Virginia renovates her entire 70s era home and shows you step-by-step how she does it. Her DIY  decor ideas and projects are the bomb. She has this incredible gift for turning just plain shabby into shabby chic. I have borrowed SO many ideas from her site for design and decor I feel like I owe her some commission!

I Heart Organizing: Instead of making you feel bad because your life is not perfectly organized, i.e. Martha Stewart, blog owner Jen is chock full of insanely easy and helpful organizing tips. Like “Live Love DIY” she also offers a home tour that includes a lot of easy, crafty and super cute DIY projects. She even makes a Stain Removal kit look cute!

Thrifty & Chic: In her latest post, blog owner Alicia shows you how to convert an old diaper box and an old sweater into a cute and useful storage cube.  I mean, talk about DIY genius! I think we are secretly related she also loves Target, junior mints, Andes mints and can’t ever throw away magazines…

Favorite personal finance sites
best blogs

Living Well Spending Less is a HUGE resource for money-saving tips and tools!

SpringsBargains: This is a regional site that shows bargains and best prices for stores in the Colorado Springs area. The site has a “milk prices” tracker, a list of restaurants offering free kid meals, and an event calendar that shows free or cheap events in the Colorado Springs and Denver area for that month. The site owner, Carrie Issac, also offers training and helpful resources if you really want to get serious about couponing.

The Busy Budgeter: Login to this site now and sign up to get blog owner Rosemarie’s “Ultimate Money Saving” ebook. Be sure to check out the rest of the site as well- Rosemarie is the budgeting guru on almost every subject! Need a recipe for a low budget meal? Check. Want advice on how to rein in a “spendy spouse”? Check. I could go on for pages,  but it would not be fair to the other amazing sites!

Living Well Spending Less: Looking to revamp your finances or your improve your financial lifestyle in general? Ruth Soukup, the site owner, offers online training and other incredibly helpful resources, including a “Best Live Ever” planner that has pretty much changed my life. Her site has hands down the yummiest recipe posts as well.

Do you have a favorite site related to these topics that is not listed above? Let me know in the comments below and I will be sure to check it out and possibly share it in a future post!



October 15, 2015

Faking a Fancy Wedding: Out-of-town Guest Goody Bag

We had quite a few out-of-town guests at our wedding, and I wanted to make sure they knew that the special trip they were taking to join us at our wedding was very much appreciated. I mean, out of town guests have it much worse than local guests. Especially if they are bringing children. There is the cost of the actual flight, the packing and driving to the airport, the flight itself…they don’t just get in their car an hour ahead and jaunt on town. To me, someone coming to a wedding from out-of-town is a very big deal, and I wanted to get each of them a little something as a thank you. Being on a budget that little something definitely had to be little, and very affordable. While surveying wedding ideas on Pinterest, I saw that many brides were making up hotel guest goody bags to leave in the rooms of their out-of-town guests. How perfect! Now I just had to assemble one for around $3.00 per bag.

Some of the hotel goody bags on Pinterest were downright adorable and seemed like the perfect assortment of goodies for people who were tired and hungry after making their trip out. One popular idea was a basket or box that contained a water, snacks and “recovery” items like a Pepto packet and Advil. While I thought this was a super cute and helpful idea (I often get back to my hotel starving after an event like this) it would also be pretty expensive to create a goody bag with this many items for about 15-20 people, and again, I only had about $4.00 to spend per bag. A snack bag idea seemed to be a very popular, I wanted something a little more unique in my guest goody bags, as well as something useful.

The typical hotel wedding goody bag on Pinterest- adorable, but more expensive than my budget would allow.

The typical hotel wedding goody bag on Pinterest- adorable, but more expensive than my budget would allow.

After giving it some thought I remembered the one thing I always pack when I travel to make a hotel room seem more like home and smell nice is a small travel candle. Not wanting to alienate any single men or people sensitive to scents I avoided cloyingly sweet scents like vanilla cupcake or pumpkin spice and opted for the light, breezy, unisex scent of fresh linens. The travel candles at Wal-mart are only a dollar, so I had some more wiggle room in my budget for a personalized door hanger and some cute little matches. The door hangers I found on Etsy were a little more than a dollar each, at $15 for twelve, so that worked out great. But since I only needed about 15 personalized matches, not 100, that was my main problem. I could order some pretty non-personalized matchboxes online, but they were kind of expensive and didn’t match my blush and bashful color scheme…so I took matters into my own hands, and saved a TON!



I bought matchboxes for next to nothing from the grocery store, glued scrapbooking paper to them, tied them with pink yarn and…ta-da! The world’s cutest matchboxes, customized to my wedding color scheme! They totally made the goody bag- everyone wanted to know where I bought them!



As I mentioned earlier, when browsing Pinterest is it very easy to succumb to all of the really cute ideas. So again, BEWARE when searching Pinterest for wedding ideas and make sure you keep your budget in mind at all times. If I could not have kept the cost of my goody bags to $3.00 a piece it was not happening. But thanks to my brilliantly creative mind love for crafting and DIY willpower, I was able to make it happen!


Sometimes half of the cost of the goody bag is the actual bag, I used brown, paper lunch bags that I already had for kids’ lunches. I added chalkboard stickers that I got at the Dollar Store and tied the bags with the leftover matchbox yarn. Including the pink tissue I stuffed inside, the goody bag packaging cost me like $.20 each.

Faking a Fancy wedding is all about the littlest details. You don’t need a forty-two piece orchestra or a six-course meal to WOW guests. If you keep surprising your guests with special, little touches throughout the wedding and reception you can still have a memorable event that people will truly enjoy. Repeat after me, “Fancy events do NOT have to come with a Fancy price tag!”

Looking for more money-saving wedding ideas? Check out these posts on gorgeous wedding dresses under $200 and a pretty but super affordable wedding dessert table.



November 10, 2014

Scents & Sensibility…affordable and pretty candles

One of the many reasons I love fall and winter is because I get to bake more. However, the comforting heat that emits from the oven is nothing compared to the glorious, mouth-watering smells. Like those smoky fingers that lure a cartoon character around by his nose with the smell of something inviting – the smell of a freshly baked cake, cookie or bread wafts up and rolls around my house, enveloping all that it touches in a warm, inviting hug.

The kids will tell me time and time again how they love coming home to a house that smells like cookies, banana bread or some other gloriously sweet-smelling baked good. While I do love to bake, I do not have the time, money or the metabolism to allow a daily baking schedule. If you come to my house from October to April, you will almost always find a homemade cake, cookies or banana bread sitting on the counter, the smells from baking, however, are long gone the next day. So what’s a girl who loves a sweet-smelling house to do?

Candles of course! So I go in search of sweet smelling candles and, as you know if you have stepped into any Yankee Candle or Bath & Body Works store, there are a TON of super delicious scents to choose from. But the prices, based on how many candles I wanted and how much I wanted to use them, were WAY outside my budget. While I was having the “Do I want two kidneys or lots of candles?”, debate with myself, I stumbled across the candle aisle at my local Walmart. Holy cheap candle mecca! They not only had an enormous selection of mouth-watering scents to choose from, the prices on their candles are less than half what they are at some of the other “name brand” candles from the aforementioned stores above.

Below are some of my favorite candle items from Walmart. Again, I cannot believe the prices of these items, even compared to Target and Kohls, if you are looking to buy scents that make sense, look no further than Walmart*.

Pretty candle warmers
pretty candles

These Better Homes and Gardens candle plug-in warmers range from $10-15 (this one is $15) and come in a variety of super pretty colors and patterns. These are not your old-school, tacky, plastic plug-in warmers that you hide behind picture frames and lamps. These are so pretty you will want to name your warmer “Baby”…and nobody puts Baby in a corner…The sophisticated and designer-looking elephant wax warmer above is currently out of stock, but worth the wait!

pretty candles

The petite size of this hobnail candle warmer does not stop it from being big time stylish. Its pretty simplicity means it well blend with a variety of decor schemes.

Pretty candles and yummy wax cubes

The great things about these wax melts and candles is that you can be the world’s worst baker, or just never have time, and still have a home that smells like freshly baked banana bread, pumpkin pie or lemon pound cake.  Better yet? Sniff all you want and not ingest a single calorie!  Some of my seasonal favorites from the Better Homes & Gardens wax cubes collection are as follows:

Fall: Warm Autumn Sweater, Sugared Maple & Evergreens, Fall Leaves, Soft Cashmere Amber

Winter: First Winter Blizzard, Banana Bread Pudding, Whipped Pumpkin Cream, Smokey Grey Mist

Spring: Sugared Melon Kiwi, Bubbly Peach Cocktail, Orange Buttercream Cupcake, Buttercups & Bluebells

Summer: Tranquil Garden Spa, Sunwashed Poppies, Lemon Sugar Cookie, Red, White & Blueberry

pretty candles

Okay, I love the scents at Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. Let me just get that off my chest. Love. But this candle from Walmart which smells JUST like a warm, sugary, vanilla cupcake is only $5.00. The sticker labels peel off super clean and easy too. I mean come on, $5.00 people!  You know what else I smell when I buy candles from Walmart? Money. In my wallet. And that smells goooooood.

Pretty candle holders
pretty candles

How pretty are these tealight candle holders? They seem very Jonathan Adler to me, and they are only $8.00 for the set!

pretty candles

I love the vintage vibe of these tealight candle holders. I prefer the aqua colored ones more, but at less than $8 per set, if I could not find a place for the darker blue ones I would give them away.

With candles priced like the ones above  you can go crazy and light a candle in every room of your house, especially if it keeps it from smelling like “teen spirit” or something worse (is there something worse?).




July 1, 2014

You can’t bottle Fancy, or CAN you? Cute containers for household items!

Saving money often means buying the generic version of name brand items. Name brand items my family SWEARS they can’t live without. When I ask “why” I often get, “It’s crunchier”, “It’s sweeter”, or my favorite response, “I can just tell a difference”. So what is this money-saving step-momma to do? I learned that if you can’t beat them, you can certainly fool them. Suckers. I love, them, but sweeter and crunchier my a$$ fanny. Throw a generic item in a cute container and voila- it automatically looks more expensive, not to mention prettier, yummier, etc…

Sweet kitchen containers

First, I took all my boxed cereal and put them in glass jars I bought for less than $5 each at Walmart. I got the chalkboard stickers at Walmart as well.


“What kids? Oh yeah, that’s totally brand name Apple Jacks in there, tooooootally.”

All of my generic spices from various brands once made for a chronically messy looking cupboard in my kitchen. But pour those same spices into cute little 4 oz glass jars then tie them with ribbon that matches your kitchen’s color scheme and that same cluttered cupboard becomes uniform, organized, and dare I say, even cute!


If it is possible for something as banal as mismatched spices and baking supplies to become adorable, even Fancy, well my Faking Fancy friends, what else could I get my hands on?

Cute containers for the laundry room

My homemade laundry detergent, only pennies per load and MUCH cheaper than store bought detergent (courtesy of Cherished Bliss) looks so pretty in a glass jar with a printed label that matches the black and white theme of my laundry room.


Awww. Suh cuhte.

Pretty up your bathroom

On a Fancy container high, I ran upstairs and grabbed the hideous bottle of generic mouthwash that my honey almost never remembers to put back under the counter, decanted it into a glass bottle I got at Goodwill for $2 and then set it on a silver tray I found at another thrift shop for $1, et voila….Fancy mouthwash.


I mean, come on. Even Donald Trump would use this stuff now! You know he and Melania aren’t pulling out a bottle of Scope and gargling. They probably swill their mouthwash out of a crystal Waterford bottle…we have so much in common. I should really give them a call….

My point? You can save a ton of money and make simple things in your home look at lot Fancier just by changing the container they are in. Try to buy glass containers over plastic, and when you do buy plastic make sure it is BPA free.

This is one case where judging a book by its cover is perfectly acceptable. Especially if you are covering that book, along with a few other books, with cute wrapping paper that matches the color scheme of your living room. Especially then.



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