February 24, 2017

How to have an awesome last-minute Oscar Party!

oscar partyThink it would be fun to have a few friends over for an Oscar party, but you are afraid it’s too late to purchase and/or create everything a glam party like this entails? Fear not my Faking Fancy readers, I’ve got some amazing and affordable ideas for food, decor, AND entertainment that will make your last-minute Oscar shingdig a BLAST. No online ordering and praying your expensively expedited shipment arrives on time; all of my ideas can be purchased at your local drugstore or retail chain store, like Walmart and Party City and Walgreens. Trust a true party planning guru (me!), the only ingredients you’ll ever need for a fab fiesta is yummy food and fun activities. So read this post, follow my ideas and instructions, and get ready to have an awesome last-minute Oscar party!!

Last-Minute Oscar Party Decor

You only have to have two items that are specific to a”Hollywood” or “movie” theme in your overall party decor, the rest of your decor just has to be gold and black or red, gold and black, to fit the traditional “Oscars” color scheme. Buying most of your decor in a non-specific theme allows for leftover items, like cups, plates, napkins, and balloons to be used at a future party, stretching out your cost-per-item and overall party decor budget. The two specific items are an Oscar trophy or cut-out, and a director’s clapboard.

For the director’s clapboard head on down to your local Party City where it is a mere $3. This item is imperative for a fun activity later in the party!  Then hit up Walmart for a small helium tank, two bags of 25 balloons (one black and one metallic gold),  gold curling ribbon, gold napkins and soda cups, and clear plastic champagne flutes. Party City has most of that as well, but it’s much cheaper at Walmart.

As you can see above, the balloons make the decor! Fifty balloons floating on the ceiling with the pretty curled gold ribbon hanging from them turn any normal living room into a glamorous party area! Make sure the ribbon curls are short enough that they don’t block anyone’s view of the TV!

These Oscar party printables are great to place on the tables and tape on the walls around your party area. These 2016 Oscar party printables are cute too, just don’t print the ones that say 2016. If you don’t have a home printer,  you might have to send some of these items to your local Staples or print shop, but be sure to ask around with friends and neighbors before paying to have these items printed, as most people have a color printer at home these days.

Oddly enough, I did not see an Oscar trophy or something similar at Party City, but Walmart has one for about $10. Can’t find a trophy at as nearby store? Click here or here for an easy DIY version.

Last-minute Oscar party food

Of course you need movie theater popcorn and candy! If you are lucky enough to have a home theater popcorn machine, great! If not, you can also just microwave, air pop or buy your popcorn premade at a local popcorn store. Whatever you do, make sure it is nice & buttery, just like you’d get at the movies! The Dollar Store usually has cute little plastic popcorn buckets. If you can’t find any of the reusable plastic ones the paper popcorn bags are cute too.

Hot dogs are also a popular item at movie theaters. Not only does everyone love hot dogs, but they are also they are easy and cheap to make! Heat up the hot dogs and buns about a half-hour before the party, then wrap them in foil and keep them in your oven on warm until guests arrive. Serve your dogs in these cute paper trays just like you get at the theater! (They are also less likely to roll off a plate onto your carpet!)

Theater sodas come in paper cups with plastic lids, but as far as I could tell you have to order those online, and that would take too long, so just serve your sodas in gold party cups. Be sure to get gold sanding sugar when you buy your food items. Use it to rim your plastic champagne glasses for instant glam! Actual champagne can be kind of expensive, so sparkling wine is fine.

Our local Walgreens always has boxes of popular movie theater candy at 4 for $4, so I would grab an assortment (two boxes per guest). If you don’t have this option, Walmart has great prices on candy as well. Don’t forget the tub of Red Vines! The 4lb tubs are available at Walmart, Target and even most office supply stores like Staples.

Want a little fancier dessert without more fuss? Buy a can of edible gold glitter spray paint (it does exist!!) and paint a bunch of Oreos gold, then stack them on a cake plate for an easy but super-glam dessert!

Fun Oscar Party activities

The Oscars can be a bit long if you are just commenting on the attire and speeches. Oscar Party bingo, like the one here and here, is the perfect way to keep everyone entertained during the show! Print out one for each guest (and include yourself!) when you print out the decor above.

This second activity is my favorite! Have each guest recite a line or two from their favorite movie (or they can make it up!) and film the “scene”, complete with director’s clapboard filled out with their info, using a video camera or cell phone. You can do this before the Oscars start or during commercials. At the end of the show do a blind (names in a hat) vote of who had the best scene. Post a photo on Facebook of the winner holding your party Oscar and wearing shades, Ray-Bans are best if you have some! Include the video scene in the post if the winner is so inclined, they’ll be even more famous (at least with your Facebook circle, lol).

You don’t even have to do ALL of the above to have a great party! Throw out some popcorn and candy, play the “film scene” game, and wait for the belly-rolling, “I think I just snorted” laughs to ensue.

And the award formost awesome last-minute party hostess goes to…<your name here!>



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