August 16, 2016

Mom Style: Back to school fashion with moto jackets!

Back-to-school means many things to many people. When I was younger it meant new school clothes, which the junior fashionista in me found thrilling. As a grown-up, the only back-to-school clothes we tend to buy are for our kids. After the clothes and school supplies and athletic fees and lunch card money, we are usually wondering how we can possibly afford to augment our own wardrobe with the pennies we have left. A few readers have asked me for the best and most affordable way to stretch their fashion dollars during the back to school season. My answer? Moto jackets!

Take almost any outfit you have been wearing during the summer, add a moto jacket and POOF – instant new fall outfit! I am so loving moto jackets right now- they add a structured edginess to even the sweetest of outfits, while still incorporating an element of casual chic. Below are a few of my favorite moto jackets for fall- all under $50 of course!

fall fashion moto jackets

Clockwise from top right: Members only high/low moto $50, AE Factory Fleece $25, Dollhouse cotton twill $33, Miss Selfridge Ruby Biker $26 

Once school starts you have to wake up an hour (or two) earlier than normal to make heat up breakfast and ensure everyone is out the door on time. The fact that you could pull on a pair of jeans, ANY t-shirt, and a moto jacket and leave the house looking way more pulled together than you feel, that my Faking Fancy friends, is wardrobe magic. And Lord knows most of us over forty can use a lot of concealer  a little magic in order to look semi-decent that early in the morning!

So the next time you are in the school drop off line and you have to jump out of the car to help little Stevie carry his 30lb science project to the curb, you can do so knowing you look hot, and not a hot mess.

moto jacket

You may not every get on anywhere near a motorcycle, but you can ratchet up your mom style with a cool moto jacket nonetheless.  Rock on my Faking Fancy readers, rock on!



July 21, 2016

Genius makeup dupes with NYX products!

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I looooovvve shopping for makeup.  Love, love, love it. Makeup stores are to me what New Year’s Eve is to most other people. A new start. A fresh beginning. The hope for something better..or at least the hope of finding the perfect nude lipliner… Places like Ulta and Sephora are just heaven for me. The bright colors, the pretty smells…and that’s just the sales people…

The downside to loving makeup for a frugal shopper such as myself is that you can spend $100 at most department stores or specialized makeup stores and STILL walk out with the teeniest, tiniest, ittiest, bittiest bag.  A bag that looks more at home on the arm of your daughter’s American Girl doll than in your hand.

drugstore makeup duplicates

I mean…jeez.

A few years ago I came across the NYX Cosmetics counter, and I have been obsessed with this high-quality, affordably priced makeup line ever since. Below are my top five NYX products and their (more expensive) product counterparts. I dare you to make the switch if you are using one of the costlier products listed- and prepare to be amazed!


nyx dupes

Clockwise from top left:

  1. NYX Mood Lip Gloss $4.50 – duplicate of Smashbox O intuitive lipgloss $24.00
  2. NYX HD foundation $13.00 – duplicate of Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation $43.00
  3. NYX matte lipcream in Stockholm $5.99 – duplicate of MAC “Kinda Sexy” lipstick $17.00
  4. NYX Eyebrow Marker $9.99- duplicate of Anastasia Brow Pen $21.00
  5. NYX Photo-Loving Primer $14.99 – duplicate of Smashbox Photo Finish Primer $36.00

The difference in the totals for the products above is $48.47 for the NYX, and $92.53 for the other brands. So let’s say you just replaced these five products with the NYX version, and that you had to repurchase them about every three months…you’d save $370.00 a year and look JUST as good!  Now, you will still probably end up with a tiny bag to bring these products home in, but now that small bag represents the much smaller price you paid for the same amount of products that do the same thing, and look the same on. And that my Faking Fancy friends, is a beautiful thing.

drugstore makeup dupes

Amen Calvin, amen.




*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post- all opinions are based on personal experience.

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July 20, 2016

Gorgeous flat sandals for summer!

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I’ve finally succumbed to the flat sandal craze. Being a “heels always” kind of girl for the past twenty years, I normally do not wear flats unless I’m working out in sneakers, or..well, that was about it. But lately I have been seeing so many gorgeous flat sandals in my favorite fashion blogs that I could not help but lust after a few! I found that short-legged lovelies like myself are better off wearing nude-colored flats because brightly colored ones tend to cut us off at the ankle, especially if they are the lace up or wrap around style. Below are five of my favorite neutral-colored flat sandal finds- all under $50 of course!

cute flat sandals

Center: $33 T-bar studded sandal Clockwise from top right:$35 Isobel plaited cuff sandal, $25 Beaded strappy sandal, $49 Baha pom-pom flats, $40 Kyrie sandal

The lure of these pretty sandals is so strong it has me completely ignoring the fact that I walk like a duck in flats. I just have to think taller, elongate my spine, stand proud, and try my best not to waddle…

Remember, the higher the hair the closer to God, the higher the sole the closer to the emergency room.” – My Nana



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June 8, 2016

Poolside chic! Sexy, classy swimsuits under $50

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When I turned forty I drank an entire bottle of Fireball and hid in my closet to cry decided that my body, as much as I love it, is no longer able to support my desire to wear a two piece bathing suit. However, when I went swimsuit shopping (which is the worst, am I right?) for a couple of sexy, classy swimsuits, I could not find anything for under $100 period.  Sure, stores like Nordstrom and Everything but Water, and The Orchid Boutique had some beautiful one piece swimsuits, but the prices ranged from $100-300. Ummm, no.

So I did what I always do in a situation like this- I powered on my iPad and cruised over to Polyvore. I LOVE the Polyvore app for its ability to filter and find exactly what you are looking for. Because you know if you are looking for something specific, like  a pair of pink lace shorts, you can go into 100 stores and never find them, right? What is that? With Polyvore (and no this is not  sponsored post) you can type in “pink lace shorts” and then filter it down by brand, price and more! It has seriously saved me so much money in terms of time and gas I cannot even tell you. Except I just kind of did…moving on…

Below are four of the most gorgeous one piece swimsuits. AND, not only are all of these suits under $100, they are all under $50!! Sexy, classy, and super affordable. What’s not to love?!

sexy, classy swimsuits


From left to right: $19, $30, $44, $32

So as the weather heats up and the kids start begging you to hit the local community pool, there is no need to pack a flask in your summer tote to make parading around in a bathing suit in a public place actually bearable (I mean, you can still pack one, I won’t judge).  Strut your stuff in one of these beautiful, saucy suits and set your iPod to “Stacy’s mom has got it going on“…because whether you have a daughter named Stacy (odds are no), in one of these swimsuits, you WILL have it going on!




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April 30, 2016

Affordable black wedge sandals: A Faking Fancy Reader Challenge

affordable black wedge sandals

Recently, I was asked to find a pair of affordable black wedge sandals for a Faking Fancy reader who needed to replace her current pair before they fell apart. She told me she had shopped around a bit, but was having trouble finding anything for less than $200…Was I up to the challenge? Heck to the yes! I LOVE this kind of thing. Seriously, my cheeks became flushed and I got all buzzy with excitement (yes, I’m a weirdo).  I immediately hit my favorite fashion search engine Polyvore to start my style vision quest.

While not all of the sandals I found are a cloth/canvas material like my reader’s original pair, I think I did a pretty good job finding some very similar options for waaaay less than $200. In fact, most are less than a quarter of that! (Mic drop here…) 

This is for you Mary Susan, I hope you are able to replace your “go-to” summer shoe using my resources below! 

affordable black wedge sandals

Clockwise from top left: 1. Easy Street Monica slingback, Kohls $50 2. New Look black canvas slingback $21

 3. Refresh Bypasss-01 Espadrille slingback $31  4.  Charles & Keith Espadrille $49



April 22, 2016

Six pretty camisoles to wear year round!

I love camisoles for two very basic, but significant reasons. The first one is how they stretch my wardrobe dollars. Depending on what I pair it with, I can create at least eight different outfits with one camisole. The second reason is you can wear them year round.   Even the lightest, sheerest camisole can be worn year-round, depending on whether you layer it or not.

For colder days, pair a camisole with jeans, blazer and a scarf. Is it hotter than Hades? Pair it with some flirty shorts and wedge sandals. Even better, most camisoles are wash and wear (versus dry clean only or wash & iron) so they make it even easier to throw together a last minute, but completely put-together outfit!

Given the endless ways you can wear a camisole, I don’t balk if they are over my normal budget guidelines. However, this blog is not called “Sometimes Faking Fancy and Sometimes Kinda Expensive”, so all of the pretty camisoles you see below are under $50!

pretty camisoles

Clockwise from top right: Black floral camisole, navy & white stripe tank, coral camisole, blue ruffle camisole,  aqua layered camisole, white lace camisole.

Once you break out of your “camisoles are for summer only” mold, you will be AMAZED at how many outfit variations you can create with this brilliant layering piece. Need some retail therapy? Go ahead and purchase one of the camisoles above (or one from your favorite store) with the number of new outfits you will be able to create from this one piece, why it’s the perfect, almost guilt-free purchase!



April 14, 2016

Five pretty sandals you need for Spring!

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pretty sandals

Put a spring in your step with five of the prettiest and most affordable sandals for Spring! I’ve covered all of the latest trends and threw in a sweet pair of nude wedges (remember, nude shoes make your legs look way looooonger) . Not only are these shoes all gorgeous, they are also all under $50.00! Floral, Strappy Flat, Color of Spring, Pop of Pink, Nude Wedge.



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April 12, 2016

Small space organization ideas that will change your life!

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small space pic

My home has four bedrooms, so to say it is a small home sounds kind of weird, even to me. However, I can never find enough space to store even the most basic items, like cleaning products, small appliances, linens and of course, clothes. I needed to find a way to eliminate my clutter by making the most of my limited storage space. And, because I am always looking to improve the overall design of my home, I wanted small space organization ideas that would be as pretty as they were functional.

After looking through Pinterest and my favorite organizing blog of all time, IHeart organizing, I rounded up four of the best household design and organizing hacks. Even if you only implement one of these ideas, the results will well worth it! Click on each picture to be directed to the original post and complete “how to” details.



Do you ever see a pantry like this and think, yeahhhh, this person has WAY too much time on their hands? Jen at IHeartorganizing shows you how easy and affordable it is to create a dream pantry like this!

These under-counter shelves take up what is normally wasted space on the kitchen backsplash area. This idea is part of an article from Listotic, but the original idea and instructions can be found on the blog, No. 29 Design.

These under-counter shelves take up what is normally wasted space on the kitchen backsplash area. This photo is from an article on, but the original idea and instructions can be found on the blog, No. 29 Design.

Closets (linen & bedroom)

I know what you are thinking, "Where are the linens?" I would replace a shelf with containers for one for more linens, otherwise this is the perfect example of a pretty, uncluttered linen closet!

I know what you are thinking, “Where are the linens in this linen closet?” Although this organized linen closet from IHeartorganizing IS very pretty and organized, I would have to replace one of the shelves that has containers on it for a shelf of linens/bedding. Otherwise, this is the perfect example of how to create a streamlined, uncluttered linen closetfrom a very small space.


towel rods

These ‘behind the door’ towel rods are genius. Photo and idea courtesy of

This is just one out of twenty-nine crazy clever ideas in an article from Lilly at the blog Listotic. Lilly is my list-making soul mate. The name of her blog is actually a combination of the words “list” and exotic”, because being organized is supposed to be sexy, not a chore. With fun and easy ideas like the one above, I say Listotic is more than achieving its goal.

Have you read (or written) a blog post that features super clever tips for organizing a small space?  Share it in the comments below and I will include it in the Dot & Bo “Small Spaces” Pinterest board.  You’ll be famous!! (Well, you will be much more popular at least…)



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April 8, 2016

Quick life hack! Coconut oil for dry hands

dry hands PIN

Living in a dry climate like Colorado, I find my skin to be soooo much drier and in need of moisture than when I lived in California. I have tried hand cream after hand cream, but nothing worked “long term”.  Sure, my hands would be soft for about an hour after applying the cream, but the next day I would wake up to the same old “alligator” hands. They were dry, cracked, and had tons of gross, scabby hang-nails (not sure if alligators have hang-nails, but I’m pretty sure they have the other two…). I started poking around to see if there was some genuis life hack that would solve my reptilian skin issue.

After a little research I discovered that, along with your physical environment, drinking water plays a BIG part in how dry your skin is. No problem then- drink more water, right? The thing is… I HATE water. Weird I know. Who the heck hates water? This girl people. This girl. I seriously cannot stand the “taste” of water. Water has no taste you say? Well, I say I’m tasting something when I drink water and me no likey.  I can only drink sparkly, flavored water, which normally contains sodium and/or artificial sweeteners, both of which are not good for you or your skin. Then (insert ‘angels singing’ here) I discovered La Croix waters. Naturally flavored with no sodium added, it’s my Holy Grail of beverages nowadays. (And no, this is not a sponsored post!)

My favorite flavor is berry, but the flavors are so subtle it's hard not to like them all!

My favorite flavor is berry, but the flavors are so subtle it’s hard not to like them all!

My internal hydration problem solved, I focused on keeping my hands moisturized externally. I even bought some of those special “lotion infused” gloves, which really did seem to work and helped keep my bedraggled hang-nails at bay. All of the moisturizing gloves I tried however, were kind of  big for my hands and not fitted at all, so it was impossible to do anything else while wearing them. I don’t have time to sit around for 20-30 minutes every single time my hands are dry. Not to mention that while the gloves aren’t too expensive per pair, buying several pairs per week is beyond my budget capacity.

So how did I crack the case of the dry, alligator hands? (Yesss, pun intended, sorry.) It was one of those weird “ah-ha!” moments that happened as I was starting to do the dishes after dinner a few weeks ago. I had a jar of coconut oil sitting next to the sink because I used it to make dinner that night. While I have another jar in my bathroom that I use to deep condition my hair and make DIY lip balm, I don’t think I would have come up with this brilliant idea had I not literally had a jar  of it staring me in the face while I was reaching for my dishwashing gloves. (Okay not literally, the jar doesn’t have eyes…)  With a cartoon lightbulb hanging above my head, I said to myself, “Self, what if I globbed some of that on my hands while I as doing the dishes?” Well, my self thought that was a genius idea, and indeed it turned out to be one of the best household tips I have come up with yet!

The hot water melted the coconut oil right into my hands and made them super soft, all while doing something else productive! I now keep a little container of coconut oil under the sink next to my gloves so I don’t forget. It takes two seconds to glob it on (about 2 tsp) before donning my gloves. I dare you to try this super-awesome hack for just a week to see the amazing results!

Here is a demo pic of my former alligator hands and the "glob" trick in action...

Here is a demo pic of my former alligator hands and the “glob” trick in action…

Do you have any cool, easy life hacks that you use regularly at home? Share your helpful tip with me and the other Faking Fancy readers in the comments below!




March 22, 2016

Top 5 Frugal & Easy Easter Decor Ideas!

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cute bunny cookieBeing a true girlie girl, I LOVE the traditional color scheme for Easter decor. The baby blues, the chickadee yellows, and of course, the flirty PINKS! As I have mentioned in past posts, being on a strict budget the past few years has prevented me from decorating for holidays other than Christmas. What changed things? The magical world of Pinterest! I found so many cute ideas for Easter decorations and activities, but if I listed ALL of the ones I liked, this post would be about four pages long. No bueno. To keep things simple I created a list of the top 5 frugal and easy Easter decor ideas.

The criteria for my top 5? They not only had to be adorable and/or tres chic, but also innovative. We’ve all seen tulips in a vase of pastel candies (yawnnnn), I wanted ideas that were innovative and modern, but with a shabby chic (or just plains chic) vibe. Finally, they had to be simple to make and consist of inexpensive, easy to find items.  A decor idea is not frugal if one of the $.50 items to create it takes two months and a trip to eight different thrift stores to find!

Top 5 Easter Decor Ideas! 

(Click on each image to be directed to the original website for complete instructions.)

gold glitter easter eggs

How gorgeous are these gold glitter eggs? Glitter makes everything better. Everything. Take a scary, slimy snake and sprinkle him with glitter – et voila, not so scary!  I’m not saying you should try this in real life anytime soon, but trust me. Glitter = better.


Springtime carrot floral centerpiece

To make this gorgeous springtime centerpiece even cheaper, I would skip the Brussels sprouts & floral foam cage (just poke a stick through the foam that can sit on the vase opening). And Walmart has some pretty & affordable fake flowers!


Pretty baby's breath Easter centerpiece

You can “speckle” some real or fake Easter eggs, buy one bunch of baby’s breath and grab a loose-woven basket or wire bucket you already have at home. Sooo cheap and easy, just like some of my friends. Totally kidding! I only have one friend like that. She lives in Canada. You don’t know her.


Cheetos carrot bags for Easter

Stick Cheetos in clear party bags and tie them with green ribbon or rafia. It doesn’t get easier. Bonus- you get to eat the Cheetos after Easter. Yeeeaaahhhsss.


pretty Easter cocktail

I HAD to add this cocktail, even though technically it is not considered by most weirdos people to be decor. But it’s so pretty and colorful, for the fifteen ten three minutes it would last after being put into my hand, I would definitely consider it decor…of course, after two more of these beauties, I might consider the dishes in my sink as decor…

Do you have any cheap and clever decor ideas for Easter? Share them in the comments below!



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